My School Years When I Was A Kid In Kuwait

Describe the schools you went to

Ok, so I am only going to mention the two schools I went to in Kuwait over here. The 3rd and final school I went to deserves it’s own long blog post. So let’s get to it – being born in Kuwait, I first went to playschool and at the age of 5 I was enrolled into Upper KG at a proper school. It was called Carmel School Kuwait and was run by Indian nuns and was basically a Catholic school. I went there because my elder sister went there. Also, it was mainly a girls school in that the  majority of the students were girls and they accept like 10-12 boys per class.

It was a fun school, though we had to get up really early to get to the school. 6am I think and we reached the school by 7 am and came home a little after lunch time. I remember crying on day 1 as I missed my parents but soon I made a lot of friends. However they made us boys sit at a desk with 2 girls on each side and sometimes it was just you and 3 girls. Now at that age we hated girls. I remember we had a lot of fun and it was a good time growing up. The school only took boys till the age of 10 or the 4th grade and therefore in my final year in Kuwait, my parents enrolled me in a school called New Indian School.

They were almost the opposite of Carmel School in that girls studied in one slot in the morning and boys in the afternoon to evening slot. Weird when I think about it now. We never had the same classes even during the overlapping hours. So that one year my class was all boys and it was ok since we were all 11 years old and girls were “yuck”. That year was fun too and I made a lot of friends including some who were in my previous classes in Carmel School. Best thing was you didn’t have to wake up early.

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The Oscar Night Slap Heard Across The Internet

I dunno. It didn’t looked staged and it looked staged at the same time. I can’t be sure. Maybe only a couple of people were in on it. If you ask me it’s a bunch of bullcrap – American celebrities have too much drama. If you look at the video, you will see initially Will Smith was laughing – he found it hysterical. Then the black Cruella DeVille gave him a death glare and muppet Will said “yes, ma’am.” and went and hit Chris Rock. Looks very suspicious to me.

He doesn’t come out being the big man in this exchange. I dunno if it is staged. Honestly I’m 50–50 at it. But….Will Smith actually laughed at the joke at first and then Jada gave him a death stare and only then he got up and reacted! Watch the video. If he found it funny himself and was laughing, did she give him hell for doing so? And how can Will now go and blame Chris Rock, who took it like a true professional and continued on with the show.

And another thing, I think there is too much drama among a section of American actors/celebrities. Not African, Australian, UK or Canada celebs. Just the American ones! The rappers, the singers & divas, the actors – all a bit too much.