Work Desktop CPU Replaced And Back At Home Now

Due to a malware that affected some of our work systems, I had issues with my work pc the whole of last year. Unfortunately duet to the 48 hours strike (and living in Kerala), I couldn’t go to the office on either Monday or Tuesday to Kakkanad and collect a replacement CPU – no issue with the monitor or the dual boot client OS – and they setup it up for me. I left for the office at 12:15 pm and came back home by 5:30 pm.

I am ashamed to say that my biggest problem was cleaning the cpu before I put it in a bag and go to the office. My place gets really dusty and it is an issue. Since I have a small desk, I place the CPU horizontally on the table and then the monitor on top of it. That is the only way I can fit the giant 21 inch screen on the small table that I have. You see the pic above? That’s how I wish my work at home setup is. However due to a problem with space – I have a small desk which is perfect for a laptop but for a large monitor and CPU and keyboard plus mouse, it is barely enough.

Therefore cleaning is a chore. Hence I rarely clean and dust the area. Which is a problem. I am going to check and see if I can somehow adjust the area and place a slightly bigger desk there. Anyways, I was so tired as I had to walk around for forms and getting approvals and the papers signed before I could leave for home. I am happy to note that the Uber drivers to and fro were both very friendly and helpful as well as empathetic. I had to skip lunch – only had a lemonade and a couple of vadas at around 3pm to battle the hunger pangs.