Where To Go For A Picnic & What To Bring Along

If you were going to go on a picnic, where would you like to go and why? What would you want to eat? 

Hmmm, I wouldn’t want anything messy and drippy. Certainly nothing that has gravy or curry or any other kind of liquidy form that can drip onto you, the grass or sheet that you have on top of the grass or the table at the picnic spot that you are eating at. Nothing that needs dips or syrups either, so I quess waffles and pancakes are out.

Maybe some sandwiches or subs, wraps like shawarma or gyros but with less sauce. Pizza is a good option but no drippy burgers that has sauces and melty cheese. No lasagna. No chicken wings that has a sauce. But fried or bakes chicken wouldn’t be a bad idea. Some wine or cold drinks are fine. Maybe even some beer. Some fruits for desert. Apples, bananas and grapes.

And where? Any place with lots of grass but is clean, has a nice table and chairs for the actual eating of food, has plenty of shade and gets a lot of cool breeze. And the bodacious babe who is attached to the hip with me!

Prompt from Lalilo April ’22 Writing Prompt Calendar at Lalilo.com

Butterflies In The Meadow Of The Afterlife Of My Dreams

Butterfly, butterfly / Flying into the wind
You can be sure of it / That’s no place to begin
Over thinking every little thing
Acknowledge the bell you can’t unring

This prompt brings up a scene in my mind – it’s not a scene from a movie or tv show or anything that has happened in real life. It was this dream that I had which, now that I think of it, was almost like a movie. In this movie, it showed my life – well me but a different life. I got married and had a long, loving relationship with a woman who is my wife. And we lived in a beautiful cabin home in the woods. We also had my dog Shawny for a very long time, a lot longer than most dogs do live. However she does die and I am devastated and both me and my wife are stricken with grief.

Later as we grow older, my wife becomes sick and she passes away just weeks after her 70th birthday. I am now alone and going about a quiet life all on my own. Finally I too die as my time comes and I am glad that I am about to die. Some relatives gather round me as I lay in my hospital bed and soon I breathe in my last. And then I find myself in the afterlife – this is a very different afterlife than what is usually advertised. It is a variation of your favourite place and you get to life out eternity as a young person – I wake up in this afterlife as a mad in his early 30s. I am surprised as I find myself lying in a large, beautiful meadow and as I sit up I am surprised that I feel no pain and that I am young again. And then I hear a bark!

I stand up and see Shawny, a young Shawny who is around 2 or 3 years old, standing at the top of a small mound and she comes running as I call her name. She jumps into my arms and licks me and is so happy to see me that her tail is wagging at the speed of light. I am so happy and we run about a bit and Shawny chases the butterflies that seem to be all around the meadow. I then wonder where my wife is and turn around as my name is called. There she is also in her 30s and says as she hugs me and kisses me “Shawny and I have been waiting impatiently for you. You are finally here!” We hug and kiss again and when we look for Shawny, we laugh. She is sitting on the grass and there are butterflies all on her face and she sneezes a couple on her snout move away temporarily and then try to land on her face again.

My wife then guides me to a log cabin at the end of the meadow where we live out eternity and as we walk inside, I call out for Shawny and the doggie comes walking in and we close the door and are happy and reunited as a family. The butterflies are in the meadow, making the scenery of the sunset even more beautiful. Lovely dream and ever since I had this dream a few years ago, I always associate butterflies with that dream. 

Prompt from 30 Days of April Writing Prompts at The Sits Girls