6 Interesting Facts About Latvia

In 1524, a statue of the Virgin Mary at the Cathedral in Riga, Latvia, was accused of being a witch. They put it on trial by throwing it in the river. Since the wooden statue floated, they declared it guilty and burned it.

Smoking in the presence of a child is considered physical abuse in Latvia.

Latvia has the highest percentage of deaths during the Second World War, which represents 12.5% ??of its population. There followed 190,000 Latvians imprisoned in Soviet gulags after 1945.

In the beginning of the 20th century, giant hangars that were made to house German-made airships in the center of Riga, are today a place for 3,000 trade stands. The place is Europe’s largest market bazaar today.

Janis Pinups, a Latvian patriot, was conscripted into and then deserted from the Red Army in 1944. Opposing the Soviet occupation of Latvia, he hid in the forest for 51 years and did not emerge until 1995, thereby avoiding ever becoming a Soviet citizen.

In Latvia, there is a museum dedicated to the world’s greatest liar – Hieronymus Karl Friedrich Freiherr von Münchhausen. Yes, you heard it right! At the time, he was known for telling many fake stories related to his moon travel and of his exemplary services during the Russo-Turkish War. Now, the country is generating handsome revenue from a museum dedicated to their hero. Latvia also issued a commemorative coin in 2005 to celebrate this legend’s 285th birthday.

What Are My Hobbies?

What are your hobbies?

I always seems to have some hobby or the other and a couple of them are very, very common. I wish I could do more though but I really do not have the time. Anyways, let’s look at the big 4.

Blogging:- Big duh! I love blogging and I love reading other people’s blogs. I do not attract a large number of regular viewers who are restricted to a handful of of true loyalists. Some of them even frequently comment on my blog posts. I used to try and track down people who seem to regularly visit (using Feedjit) and by that I mean, it only shows you the town or city but it can’t be a coincidence that many people from a small town keep visiting your blog. I’m pretty sure that some of the people visit frequently but do not comment. Whoever you guys are, please start commenting.

Oh and I blog about everything and anything that interests me but I usually blog about music, movies & tv series, hockey & football and stuff that I do and stuff that goes through my mind. Not all the stuff that goes through my mind; I have to censor some of them or you will all be shocked! Shocked people!!!

Listening to music: Music is the sole reason why I haven’t blown out my brains or jumped from a bridge. It keeps me sane. I have a huge collection of music ripped into mp3s and I love my collection. I want more ofcourse but what I do have is great. I have a varied interest in genres but there is no room for boybands, dance music, rap, hip-hop, Malayalam semi-classical or Bollywood music. I don’t play any instruments or taken any lessons on singing. I usually sing out loudly in the safety of my room but have gotten up on stage on a few occassions; the last one being in 2007 which was very memorable and a highlight for me. I also love rockumentaries which is a fine art IMHO!

Movies & tv series : – collecting them is a hobby right. I love to keep a copy of my favourite movies and tv series and keep a nice large collection of them. I’m restricted to mostly keeping digital copies of these movies which I download online via torrents but I do go and buy some dvds. A 3rd of my movies are on dvds which I play on my laptop and occasionally on the large screen tv / dvd player in the living room. Blu Ray is out of the question at the moment. I love scifi and am a huge Star Trek fan. I also love horror, comedy, romance, drama and action movies. I’m more of a tv series fanatic because with a tv series you can really dig deep into the characters, history, plots and such, especially for Scifi stuff, which I like. But yeah I’m into movies a whole lot too.

Collecting DVDs of my fav tv shows & movies : – This is more recent hobby and the most expensive one. I started buying my own dvds back in late 2018. I had started to feel guilty about torrents and thought other than streaming, I should have another option to do something legal and get my own copies. So I thought I’d buy a few from Indian websites but I had started to get some money from blogging. I put a lot of that money that I earned (I never use my salary for this hobby) and I have amassed quite a decent collection. I also have a few Funko pops as well.

Prompt from 113 IDEAS FOR A BLOG POST at ThirteenThoughts.com