Six Weird Laws In Wales

1. Switching on your burglar alarm : The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 makes it an offence to activate your burglar alarm and leave the house if you have not nominated a “key-holder” who can access your house to switch off the alarm if it goes off. So, if you have forgotten to give a key to a friendly neighbour, you could technically end up in the dock with the burglar.

2. Asking a stranger for parking change : We’ve all done it – parked the car only to find we don’t have enough change for the ticket. But asking a stranger for change is still classed as begging under the Vagrancy Act 1824 and could mean you spend a month in “the house of correction”.

3. Going as a soldier for fancy dress : According to the Seamen’s and Soldiers’ False Characters Act 1906, it is illegal to pass yourself off as a member of the Armed Forces. So dressing up as an admiral for a fancy dress party could land you three months in jail. The law states it is an offence to “impersonate the holder of a certificate of service or discharge”.

4. Getting drunk in a pub : According to Section 12 of the Licensing Act 1872 “every person found drunk in any highway or other public place, whether a building or not, or on any licensed premises” could face a ÂŁ200 fine. Could this be the way to pay off the national debt? Enforcing this across the land on a couple of Friday nights would surely put us back in the black.

5. Carrying your DIY shopping home : Section 54 of the Metropolitan Police Act 1839 makes it an offence to “roll or carry any cask, tub, hoop, or wheel, or any ladder, plank, pole, showboard, or placard, upon any footway, except for the purpose of loading or unloading any cart or carriage, or of crossing the footway”. So carrying some wood or a ladder back from B&Q could lead to a ÂŁ500 fine.

6. Handling a salmon suspiciously : According to Section 32 of the Salmon Act 1986 it is illegal “to handle a salmon in suspicious circumstances”. Poachers beware.

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Vishu/Good Friday Three Day Weekend

It’s been a long while since I had a 3 day weekend. Today is Vishu, the Malayalam New Year, and hence it is a holiday. Oh and it is also Good Friday. Being a Friday that makes it a 3 day weekend. And it is a very welcome one. I just feel very low and my moon is down and hence a 3 day time off will do me good. I also am battling a bad cold that I started getting yesterday morning and it is a terrible one. I had to work yesterday but I am glad that it wasn’t a very intensive, data & report laden one.

However I did find it tough to go to sleep last night. I stayed up till almost 5 am – yes, even battling the bad cold, I couldn’t get to sleep. I kept watching CSI (I’m on season 7 now) and I was enjoying the episodes as well as not being able to fall asleep, so from 2 am till 5 am I just kept on going. I was so tired and switched off all the lights and tried to get some sleep but woke up at just a little past 8 am. I struggled with getting up and going to the washroom before going back to sleep again and woke up at half past 9. Still groggy I went back to sleep after about 20 minutes of checking my phone and woke up just before 11 am.

Now I had to get up and drink some water. I brushed my teeth and washed my face and went to get a cup of coffee. I skipped breakfast and by 12 pm my sister, niece & cousin sister came to our place with some rice & curries for the Vishu sadhya. I had ordered some payasam for our neighbours as well. We had a nice chat and then I went to take a shower and freshen up. We then continued with more catching up, me making fun of my cousin and regaling my niece with stories from our childhood. We had our lunch by 1:15 pm and now I will relax for the rest of the day. Let’s see what movies I can find to watch during this weekend.

Tandoori Chicken – How to Make Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken – a classic chicken starter or main dish! This grilled chicken is a popular Punjabi food that can be served with onion rings and a green chutney. The juicy and full of spice chicken pieces just fill you up with its delectable taste and makes this dish of Tandoori Chicken a must have snack at a dinner party with family and friends.

Ingredients of Tandoori Chicken

  • 8 Large chicken pieces with skin (2 pieces breast, 2 pieces of thighs, a couple of wings)
  • to taste oil
  • For the marinade:
  • 4 tsp red chilli paste
  • 3 tbsp ginger and garlic paste
  • 2 tsp chaat masala
  • 1 1/2 tsp tandoori masala
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 3 tbsp curd
  • to taste salt
  • 1/2 lemon (juiced)

For the tandoori masala:

  • 2 Cinnamon sticks
  • 1 tbsp black peppercorns
  • 5 green cardamom
  • 3 brown cardamom
  • 2 tsp coriander seeds
  • 2 tsp cumin seeds
  • 3 cloves
  • 1 Bay leaf
  • 3/4 tsp turmeric

How to Make Tandoori Chicken

Prepare the marinade:

1. In a bowl add ginger and garlic paste, red chilli paste, chaat masala, tandoori masala, oil, curd, salt and lemon juice. Mix it well.

2. Rub the marinade on the chicken pieces, over the skin and underneath it. Make small gashes in the chicken pieces for the marinade to coat it nicely.

3. Marinate the chicken pieces for 30 minutes.

4. Char grill the chicken pieces on a griller or tandoor. Baste with oil at regular intervals.

5. Serve with lemon wedges and onion rings.

Prepare tandoori masala:

1. In a pan dry roast cinnamon, peppercorns, green cardamom, brown cardamom, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cloves, bay leaf and turmeric powder.

2. In a mortar and pestle grind the dry roasted spices into a fine powder. Masala is ready.

3. If you are making it in an oven, the temperature needs to be around 250-300 degrees C.

4. Serve hot.

Riddick aka Riddick: Rule the Dark

Riddick (also known as Riddick: Rule the Dark) is a 2013 American science fiction action film and the third installment in the Riddick film series. Produced by and starring Vin Diesel as the title character, Riddick is written and directed by David Twohy, who previously wrote and directed the first two installments, Pitch Black (2000) and The Chronicles of Riddick (2004). The film was released on September 6, 2013, in the United States. It was shown in both conventional and IMAX Digital theaters.

Set 5 years after the end of the last film, Riddick’s refusal to swear into the Necromonger faith has caused dissent among his subjects and assassination attempts by his subordinates. Commander Vaako falsely leads him to believe that he has discovered the location of Furya, he is taken there on a ship led by Krone and his men. Realizing that it is not Furya, Riddick kills most of his escort when they attempt to assassinate him. In the chaos, Krone causes a landslide and buries Riddick alive. Riddick escapes and must now battle the weird creatures and find a way out of the planet by alerting his prescence there to a bunch of mercenaries.

The Strangest Thing You’ve Seen In Real Estate

The craziest thing ever was way back in 2011. At the time I had just recently joined a startup company located at the Thrissur Infopark in Koratty. Since it took 90 minutes for me to reach by bus and then an auto to the center, it started to take a toll on me, especially when we moved to the late evening shift. Just getting back home was a torture and I would usually fall asleep in the bus. We moved to a 4:30 pm to 1:30 am shift after a while but still I felt that the wait times, especially at night for a bus was a real pain in the ass.

So I started to look for a place to rent out in either Koratty, Chalakuddy or Angamaly with Angamaly being my preferred choice, near the main bus stop as there were supermarkets, restaurants, medical stores etc all within minutes. However I was finding it difficult to get the nicer places to rent out to me as I was a bachelor; even telling them that I was 35 at the time and in a supervisory position at work did not parlay the fears of the home owners. And the ones that were ok wanted to rent out a big portion of their homes, like a big living room, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms – meant for families and on the pricier side.

And then in between some guy who had heard me & one of the other guys talking while we were having coffee & snacks near the bus stop, said that he would would show us his cousin’s place which was walking distance from the office. I thought great, it would be ideal. So we fixed the time and I said that he could come to the office at 4pm and take us to the house. So my colleague and I went there and it was just a 10 minute walk but it was a house that was dilapidated and was utter crap! There were doors that were broken, switches that had been changed since the 1970s and it kinda looked like one of the old homes where ghosts haunt all the time.

So he was a guy down on his luck and some relative of his, who lived in Singapore told him to take the keys and maintain the house and rent it out, so he could keep the money for his needs. The rent was within my budget but the house was in terrible condition. He was hoping to save money there as well and not fix it up and expected the renters to pay for fixing things like cleaning, new doors, switches, lights, fans & toilets. No one had been living in that house for over a decade! We held our laughter until we got out of there with vague promises of calling him. I later told him that it was too big for me as I was just 1 guy and I wanted something more modern.

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RIP Gilbert Gottfried

American stand-up comedian and actor Gilbert Gottfried passed away yesterday at the age of 67. His persona as a comedian featured an exaggerated shrill voice and emphasis on crude humor. His numerous roles in film and television include voicing the parrot Iago in Disney’s Aladdin animated films and series, Digit LeBoid on PBS Kids’s long-running Cyberchase, and Kraang Subprime in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Gottfried was the voice of the Aflac Duck until 2011. He appeared in the critically panned but commercially successful Problem Child in 1990.

From 2014 until his death in 2022, Gottfried hosted a podcast, Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast, which featured discussions of classic movies and celebrity interviews, most often with veteran actors, comedians, musicians, and comedy writers. Gilbert, a documentary film on Gottfried’s life and career, was released in 2017. At age 15, Gottfried began doing amateur stand-up in New York City and, after a few years, became known around New York as “the comedian’s comedian.” In 1980, Saturday Night Live was being retooled with a new staff and new comedians; the producers noticed Gottfried and hired him as a cast member for season 6. Gottfried’s persona in SNL sketches was very different from his later characterization: he rarely (if ever) spoke in his trademark screeching, obnoxious voice and never squinted.

In the late 1990s, Gottfried met Dara Kravitz at a Grammy Awards party. They were married in 2007 and had two children together: daughter, Lily, and son, Max. Gottfried was raised in a Jewish family, but he said on his podcast that he did not have a bar mitzvah. One of his sisters was Arlene Gottfried, a New York street photographer who died in 2017Gottfried died in Manhattan from recurrent ventricular tachycardia, complicated by type II myotonic dystrophy, on April 12, 2022, at the age of 67.

Some Facts About The Festival Of Vishu

Significance of Vishu

Vishu is one of the most significant festivals celebrated in Kerala which marks the astrological new year of the Malayalis. On the day of Vishu, the farmers in Kerala begin the ploughing of land and other agricultural activities.

Traditional outfits are a must on Vishu

People usually wear their best outfits on the day of Vishu and women love to adorn themselves with gold ornaments. Men wear the traditional ‘mundu’ along with khadi shirts. The handwoven off-white Kerala saree with golden border is the most preferred outfit for women on Vishu. The saree can be paired with a similar off white and golden border blouse or with any other colored blouse.

Shop for Vishu festival

All the shops in Kerala keep a wide collection of traditional clothes for the occasion of Vishu festival. The online shopping platforms also offer a variety of products ranging from kids clothing, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, home dĂ©cor, and food items for Vishu festival.

The Preparation:

Women spend an entire day before the festival on decoration and preparation of auspicious food items. This is the first thing that devotes see on Vishu. Vishukkani setting includes various items like rice, cucumber, jack fruit, coconut, etc. The most important ingredient is the Konna flower which blooms during the Vishu season. This is followed by one interesting tradition where one member of the family, usually the elderly lights the lamp at dawn, blindfolds other members of the family, and brings them to see the setting of Vishu.

Picking A Reliable & Affordable Appliance Repair Service

In a world where we are dependent on our appliances and devices, it is also ultra critical to find an affordable appliance repair service in Miami for those times when said appliance need a little tender love & care. While you can google ways & methods to maintain your appliances and devices, when something does go wrong, you need professional help. Here are some things to look out for when selecting a service:

Look For A Professional Business

When you want to find a reliable appliance repair business, look for an actual business. That means no appliance repair guy next door or random person applying for odd jobs from Craigslist. You never know what you’re going to get when you opt for a repairman that is not professional, so it’s best to stick with a brick and mortar businesses.

Ask For Proof Of License And Insurance

There are a lot of businesses that try to cut corners. They often are not even legally allowed to operate. These are not the professional businesses that you want to work with. To weed out the bad ones, ask them for proof of license and insurance. If they refuse to provide it, that’s a red flag.  

Making sure that businesses are legal and have insurance can give you peace of mind when you let them in your house. Working with a professional business means that you can trust they will show up on time, too. Follow these tips to make sure that you’re working with a wonderful repair business. 

Check Online Reviews

When customers have a negative experience, they often feel obligated to warn potential customers so that they do not have the same horrible customer experience. In today’s modern age, Google reviews are the way that is done. Search the company name in the search bar and check out what other customers are saying.

Inquire About A Warranty

Most reliable appliance repair companies put a warranty on their labor. That means that if your washer breaks two hours after they leave, you get it fixed again for free. When companies are willing to place a warranty on their labor, you know that they are going to try to do a good job the first time. This helps eliminate companies that will scam you by not fixing the appliance correctly the first time. These appliance repair companies charge you every time that they have to come out to your house, so they make a lot of money when they don’t fix something correctly. Avoid scams by opting for reliable companies with a warranty.

Five Weird Laws In Croatia

Since 2016 in Croatia, gone are the days when you could sleep on a park bench without being fined. Sleeping in a public place will set you back 1000 kn, and if you’re snoring while sleeping in a public place add another 1000kn to the fine.

You’re not allowed to walk around naked in public, which is nothing new, but in the future, you will no longer be allowed to prance around sans clothes on your own balcony. However, if you offer or buy a minor an alcoholic drink, you’ll pretty much get off scot free.

While sex in public is still punishable by law, but from now own even your balcony is considered to be a public place so if your neighbors report your amorous activities on the balcony and they’ve seen your private parts, you’ll be fined anything from 3 000 to 7 000 kuna or you could find yourself behind bars for 30days.

Rude and aggressive beggars will also be fined with 3 000 to 7 000 kuna and up to 30 days in prison while their organizers will be fined with 10 000 to 60 000 kuna and up to 60 days in prison.

Furthermore, prostitutes will no longer be the only ones getting punished for their activities; clients will now also receive a fine of 3000 to 7000 kuna.

Pizza Hut’s New San Francisco Style Pizza

Pizza Hut, which I at one point had written off as I wasn’t a fan of some of their pizzas with little cheese and miserly on the toppings, have made me eat my words (along with their pizzas) in the last few years. Not only are their regular pizzas tasting much better but they have come up with a few more hits. A while ago I shared a post and also tasted and shot a video for the momo pizza (which comes in either chicken or veggie option) and how much I loved them. And now they have something else which I want to try out – the New San Francisco Style Pizza!

As I understand it is only the dough that is different. The rest of the stuff is the same – the sauce, the cheese and the toppings. What the releases say are “A whole new range of handcrafted pizzas made with San Francisco Style dough! The light, crispy, tasty, melt-in-your-mouth crust topped with a new flavourful sauce and oozing with yummy mozzarella cheese is available in all your favourite veg and non-veg options. Adding to this new slice of happiness, you can get 50% off on a medium pizza on Wednesdays if you plan on dining-in, or 50% off on delivery of 2 medium pizzas or more”.

I will try some when I get the chance and give my thoughts.

What Are Your Favorite Things About Blogging?

What are your favorite things about blogging?

Hmmm, everything? I like it as it brings out my creative side. It is an outlet and it is I also try to be as honest as I can on my blog. I don’t hold back – well maybe I might tone down the language a bit, even though I have thrown in a few choice words many times. Yet it is still very tame when I compare it with what I say when I get angry or think. I also try to post as much positive things as I can and keep it varied. It’s like a release from the day to day life and a way that I also let my frustration out. If I didn’t blog and use it as a therapy for myself, I might actually go a bit angry and nuts at things that happen to and around me along the week. Even sometimes at home, when I get pissed off because of family, even if I may not blog about that exact incident, I do find that blogging keeps me from acting out.

Sometimes that is more than enough and sometimes it’s not but it is akin to therapy. Another thing I learned is that this hobby of mine can and has made me a lot of money. When what you do during the downtime and as a hobby makes you a bunch of extra cash on the side which you can use to buy some things that you have been eyeing but maybe couldn’t buy at the time until you save some money, it is an awesome feeling. It’s a feeling that is so sweet that you cannot but be proud of yourself a little bit. Ok, I lie! It’s more like you cannot but be proud of yourself a lot.

When I first started blogging, way back in 2002 and on a different blog than this, it was mainly because I had made the move from my hometown to Calicut and I thought it was a good way to capture my thoughts, ideas and what I was going through and events that happen to me living alone in a new city. But over the years I have realized that I am blogging more for me than anyone else.

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Arsenal 1 Brighton 2

Arsenal handed the initiative in the race for Champions League qualification to rivals Tottenham as Brighton ended their own dire run of form with a deserved win at Emirates Stadium. The Seagulls – seven games without a victory before kick-off – frustrated the home side with their organisation and efficient forward play in a game where Arsenal failed to look threatening until they mustered a desperate late push. Leandro Trossard’s curling first-half finish – after a fine assist by the impressive Enock Mwepu – gave Graham Potter’s side something to build on.

And after Gabriel Martinelli appeared to have headed Arsenal level moments before the break – only for a four-minute VAR check to rule him offside – Brighton remained solid before doubling their lead with a superb Mwepu finish. The Zambia midfielder side-footed home with power from the edge of the box to cap a rounded individual display and produce a look of disbelief on the face of Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta. Arteta’s side rallied late on with Martin Odegaard firing home from range via a deflection but they stay fifth – level on points with fourth-placed Tottenham, who play later on Saturday – while Potter’s Brighton move up to 11th after just a fourth win in 26 league games.

Were it not for their fine start to the season, Brighton might well have been worrying about escaping the bottom three, such has been their recent run of results. Potter’s side had scored just one goal in their previous seven league games and failed to find the net with 31 attempts in last week’s 0-0 draw with Norwich. This win, though, saw them take their opportunities ruthlessly and remain brilliantly organised throughout. Arsenal were simply lacklustre and showed little in the way of a response to what Arteta described as an “unacceptable” display in Monday’s 3-0 loss at Crystal Palace.

What Social Network Could You NOT Live Without?

I am guessing it actually means social network app and that’s what I am going to write about. The one social network app that I cannot do without is Facebook. Facebook was the one that made most of us, especially me and my friends, addicted to social media. While I have enjoyed Twitter a lot in the past, I rarely use it now and Orkut died a long time ago as did MySpace. Those were the big 4 at one point and then Facebook became the giant that it is now.

At one point I had a big blogroll of people who loved to blog as much as I do. However most of them have abandoned the blogs quite a few years ago. They stuck with Facebook and found that they could share their thoughts and photos and more on this platform and can even join separate groups and pages for specific interests and likes. That makes it so easy for everyone to have the kind of reach that they want and not have to worry about writing and maintaining a blog. Plus it is free. And it is so easy that your grandmother can do it too!

Mainly because of that reach and being able to search for people you have lost touch with and finding them, Facebook is for me still the King of all social media platforms. I cannot imagine going even one day without out. Them buying out Instagram and adding reels to Facebook is pure genius. Now you have a lot of people spending hours and hours on Facebook, whether it is on their phones, tabs or pcs and that is where you can reach the people you want to the most.


Benefits Of Eating Grapes

Benefits of eating grapes : Grapes are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They’re also full of water, which can help keep you hydrated. Here’s how eating grapes can benefit your health.

Helps your immune system : Since grapes are a great source of vitamin C, they may help your immune system fight against bacterial and viral infections like yeast infections.

Prevents cancer : Full of antioxidants, grapes may help fight off free radicals, which are molecules that can damage cells and may lead to cancer. Grapes also boast the antioxidant called resveratrol, which may protect against cancer by reducing inflammation and blocking the growth of cancer cells. Grapes also contain catechins, quercetin and anthocyanins, other antioxidants which may be a powerful combination against cancer.

Lowers blood pressure :  Grapes are very low in sodium and fit well into a low-sodium diet plan helping to reduce blood pressure. Grapes are also high in potassium, which can help balance out blood pressure too. If you have a low intake of potassium, you may have an increased risk of high blood pressure.

Protects against heart disease : Resveratrol may not only help prevent cancer. It has also been shown to help protect against heart disease. A study also shows that those whose diets had more potassium than sodium were less likely to die from heart disease than individuals who didn’t have as much potassium in their diets.

Reduces high cholesterol : You’ll find plenty of fiber in grapes, making them a good option to help lower high cholesterol. In a study of people with high cholesterol, those who ate three cups of red grapes a day for eight weeks had lower total cholesterol and LDL “bad” cholesterol.

Protects against diabetes : Grapes have a low glycemic index number, meaning they won’t raise your blood sugar. In fact, studies show that nutrients in grapes may decrease blood sugar levels and may increase insulin sensitivity, which may help your body use glucose.

Helps maintain brain health : It’s all about resveratrol, which benefits the body in many ways. The powerful antioxidant helps reduce oxidative stress, which can have a positive effect on your brain. Though a study shows the potential of the antioxidant when it comes to preventing cognitive disorders, there’s still needs to be research on humans to truly understand if it’s beneficial.

Improves bone health : Thanks to vitamin K and minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium, eating grapes may help you maintain strong bones. While all those nutrients are important for bone health, more studies are needed to fully understand how grapes may help bone health.

Slows aging : Yes, you read that right. If you’re looking to fight Father Time, grapes may help keep you youthful. Resveratrol (yes, that powerful antioxidant again) stimulates the SirT1 gene, which has been linked to a longer lifespan by affecting cell structure and protecting cells.

Improves sleep : Having a hard time getting a good night’s sleep? Grapes may help you catch some ZZZs. Grapes do have a degree of melatonin in them, so they’re a great evening snack. They don’t have a lot of calories and they can potentially help you fall asleep.