Retro-style Mechanical RGB Keyboards – Why Is It So Popular?

One of the things I have noticed is that in the last couple of years, it seems that these retro mechanical style RGB keyboards have been a craze among many techies, gamers and even regular people who love the look and feel of them. How come these old typewriter style keyboards have become so popular? I mean I love the colourful lights and that some of them have, like this one in the picture. An RGB keyboard is versatile, allowing you to select any of the 16+ million colors of the RGB wheel and apply them on a per-key basis, whether individually or in sets. This makes RGB keyboards a big, colorful step beyond the old-style backlit models or the ones that display just a few basic colors.

Then there is the mechanical aspect; on mechanical keyboards, each plastic keycap covers a physical switch that goes up and down. It can be triggered not just when you push the key all the way down, but even part of the way down. As a result, you can type faster and more comfortably on these keyboards. A lot of people seem to like the clackity clack clack sound on typing each word. The colour options (the ones I have seen, like the example shown above) have 8 to 10 types of setting changes for the colours. They light up like a dream, add unlimited fun to the game.These modes will give you more enjoyable when you gaming or typing at night.light up the alloy to awaken your gaming passion.

Laser engraving technology ensures that the LOGO will not fade. The fashion retro steampunk keycap uses a two-color injection molding process, anti-fading, strong wear and tear away from the long-term use of character fade trouble, not dazzling, no oil,even light and maintain good light transmission. I’m told that some people find typing and editing content easier to use on these mechanical keyboards and the lights are more for aesthetic & fun purposes.

The Pangs Of The Heart That Longs For You

Write about your first love — be it a person, place, or thing.

I’ve had my crushes throughout my years. When I was 12 I had this major crush on a girl 2 years older than me. That last a little while and by the age of 13 I had a crush on another girl. And I have posted about my first girlfriend, the first girl who said she liked me but I also do think about this girl who didn’t tell me directly that she liked me, but apparently it was kind of known among her friends that she liked me and I was interested in her as well. But that was puppy love ofcourse as I was 14 and she was 12.

Yeah, so many, many years ago and I have sort of forgotten what her face looked like – at times it’s a blur but at times she appears in my mind as clear as if she was standing face to face to me. I rarely do think about her but since the last 2 years or so I keep thinking about her once in a while – mainly because I hear her name a lot more. And that is because, my next door neighbours have a teenage daughter with that name and I have a colleague who has the same name as well. So about this then 12 year old girl who had a crush on me she was in the 7th grade when I was in the 9th grade. Her name was Maryam and she was from a Muslim family.

Her parents were ultra strict with her but not mainly with regards to religion or religious upbringing. Infact, in hindsight, her family must seem quite modern to most now. They were very strict with her studies and things like that. So they had no television and no games and no radio! This is the year 1990! Her family were well off enough to afford a couple of tvs and a few radios and walkman but she and her younger sister were forbidden to have them at home. Anyways towards the end of that year, I came to know that she had a crush on me, based on a few comments her friends made and what she wrote in my book (like a year end autograph book we used to keep back then).

All summer I was dreaming of meeting her again and actually pursuing this and maybe get to know her even better. Unfortunately, when I came back to school and started looking for her, she was not to be seen. I spoke to a couple of her girl friends and they said that her parents had moved away to another city and hence she had left the school. I feel that it is a shame. I hope she has had a wonderful life so far and has a nice family to get home to.

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF WRITING PROMPTS FOR MAY at The SitsGirls