Write a Post on Your Favorite Television Shows from Childhood

Battlestar Galactica : ¬†is an American¬†science fiction television¬†series created by¬†Glen A. Larson¬†that began the¬†Battlestar Galactica¬†franchise. Starring¬†Lorne Greene,¬†Richard Hatch, and¬†Dirk Benedict, it follows the surviving humans as they flee in¬†Battlestar Galactica¬†and other ships in search for a new home while being pursued by the Cylons. The series ran for the 1978‚Äď1979 season before being canceled after 24 episodes.This includes the 1980 sequel that ran for only 10 episodes and which is considered one of the worst scifi shows of all time. But the original is a groundbreaking series and the first show that is not a cartoon that I ever got into. I was into this show when I was just 4 years old when they showed the first and only season on Kuwaiti television back in 1980. They had it in reruns a lot and each time I was so excited to see the episodes.

V : The other show that reminds me so much of my childhood and is a big part of my life since then is V. V¬†is a¬†science fiction¬†franchise created by American writer, producer and director¬†Kenneth Johnson¬†about a genocidal¬†invading alien race¬†known as the “Visitors”‚ÄĒreptilian humanoids¬†disguised as human beings‚ÄĒtrying to take over Earth, and the human reaction to this, including the Resistance group attempting to stop them, while others collaborate with the aliens for power and personal wealth.This includes the original mini-series, the Final Battle and the regular tv series that lasted for 1 season and 19 episodes before getting cancelled. The mini-series is brilliant though the regular series suffered from a severe drop in budget and lousy writing. Major stats included Marc Singer, Jane Badler, Faye Grant, Jeff Yagher, June Chadwick, Robert Englund, Jennifer Cooke & the indomitable Michael Ironside.

Misfits Of Science : Misfits of Science¬†is an American superhero fantasy sci-fi drama created by¬†James D. Parriott¬†that aired on¬†NBC from October 4, 1985 to February 21, 1986. The series discussed super-powered humans and their madcap adventures. The team is formed by Dr. Billy Hayes, a research scientist at the¬†Humanidyne Institute who specializes in “human anomalies”. He works with shrinking Dr. Elvin “El” Lincoln, and together they recruit electrically powered Johnny Bukowski, a rock-and-roll musician, and Gloria Dinallo, a telekinetic teenanger. Starring the late Dean Paul Martin, the late Kevin Peter Hall, Mark Thomas Miller & a 19 year old Courtney Cox.

Automan : Automan¬†is an American¬†superhero¬†television series¬†produced by¬†Glen A. Larson. It aired for 12 episodes (although 13 were made) on¬†ABC¬†between¬†1983¬†and¬†1984. It consciously emulates the stylistic trappings of the¬†Walt Disney Pictures¬†live-action film¬†Tron, in the context of a¬†superhero¬†TV series. The series was later shown in reruns on the¬†Sci-Fi Channel. Automan¬†(the “Automatic Man”) follows the adventures of a¬†police officer¬†and¬†computer programmer¬†named Walter Nebicher (Desi Arnaz Jr.), who has created an¬†artificially intelligent¬†crime fighting program that generated a¬†hologram¬†(Chuck Wagner) able to leave the¬†computer¬†world at night and fight crime.

ThunderCats : is an American¬†animated television series¬†that was produced by¬†Rankin/Bass Animated Entertainment¬†and¬†Leisure Concepts debuting in 1985, based on the characters created by Ted “Tobin” Wolf. The series, for which Leonard Starr¬†was the head writer, follows the adventures of a group of catlike humanoid aliens. The animation for the episodes was provided by the Japanese studio Pacific Animation Corporation, with Masaki Iizuka as production manager. The studio was acquired in 1989 to form¬†Walt Disney Animation Japan.¬†Season 1¬†of the show aired in 1985, consisting of 65 episodes, followed by a TV movie entitled¬†ThunderCats ‚Äď Ho!¬†in 1986. Seasons¬†2,¬†3, and¬†4¬†each contained twenty episodes, starting with a five-part story.

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