My Now Favourite Sandwich Spread

I have mentioned it here before that I love mayonnaise, and garlic mayonnaise is really one up above that. I must also add, that I usually buy eggless mayo, like the brand that you see here. I used to buy Veeba’s garlic mayo most of the time but lately it has been this particular brand which I started buying from the online grocery delivery store that I usually buy groceries from when Veeba was not available – Dr. Oetker’s Garlic Mayonnaise from FunFoods.

So now for a few months I have been buying this brand more and 4 to 5 mornings a week my breakfast is 4 thin slices with liberal spreadings of this garlic mayo. At times I will add either cucumbers slices or tomato slices or perhaps both. Toast the bread and then make my sandwiches and get my coffee, which is usually my second for the day, A nice, hot, black & sweet coffee with two nice sandwiches of garlic mayo with some tomato & cucumbers sounds really nice during these cold, rainy monsoon mornings.

That is what I usually like for breakfast. Other days it could be dosa or maybe upma or bread with peanut butter. But yeah most of the days it is eggless garlic mayo with toast. And coffee!

Top 5 Most Forbidden Islands In The World

1. North Sentinel Island, India

Home to the Sentinelese tribe, the North Sentinel IslandĀ inĀ the Andaman chain is one of the forbidden islands in the world. The people inhabiting the island often get violent to safeguard their isolation. The Sentinelese tribe have lived on the island for over 50,000 years under the protection of the Indian Government. This region is strictly prohibited for visitors of any kind and is one of the most dangerous and forbidden places in the world.

2. Surtsey Island, Iceland

Surtsey is a little island located in an archipelago off the southern coast of Iceland. It was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption that lasted for four years. Surtsey also has the reputation of being the newest island on the planet. Currently, it is open to a few scientists and geologists.Ā This forbidden island is off-limits for tourists as it is believed that human interference will disrupt the ecological succession taking place on the island.

3. North Brother Island, USA

Located in New York City, North Brother Island is one of the most popular abandonedĀ placesĀ in the USA. Originally developed as a quarantine hospital, it was the home to the Typhoid Mary. She was identified as the first American to carry the typhoid fever. Later, this place became a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts. Now, North Brother Island has a bird sanctuary and is permanently shut for the common people.

4. Heard Island, Australia

One of the most unexplored places on the Earth, Heard Island lies between Antarctica and Madagascar. Politically, this island is a part of Australia. There are two active volcanoes on the Heard Island, and it is completely barren. The entire island is composed of debris and limestone that took place as a result of volcanic eruptions. To preserve the fragile natural surroundings, the Australian Government restricted entry to the forbidden island.

5. Snake Island, Brazil

As the name suggests, this is an island in Brazil infested with thousands of deadly snakes. No human even dare to tread on Snake Island, and it is even regarded as the most forbidden places in the world and in Brazil. In fact, it is so dangerous that the government has made it illegal to visit the island. It is estimated that there are approximately 4,000 golden lanceheads on the island ā€“ the deadliest serpents on the planet.