The Art Of Letters & Letter Writing Is On It’s Last Legs

Is letter-writing dead? Tell us why you think it is or isn’t (or should or shouldn’t be…).

I don’t think it is completely dead but it sure is something that looks less and less necessary as the years pass on by. There are millions and millions of young people who probably have never received or sent a letter in their lives. Infact I bet there are tons and tons of teenagers who don’t even know that the email logo (and Gmail as well) is basically the open envelope and letter inside it peaking out.

My niece for example, who is 16 – most of her generation may never have a use for a letter and writing a letter using a pen and ink. I doubt if she has ever received a letter in her life. The same for my nephews who are 25 & 24 respectively. And all the kids of my cousins. They generation and younger will probably never have to write a letter in their lives unless they are sending it to a grandfather or grandmother who live far away and who don’t have mobiles phones or computers.

And even if they do it is few & far between what people in their 30s & 40s and the ones before us did. Someday soon, if the internet and computers/smartphones reach is increased even more, the letter will become a thing of history and will probably end up being artifacts in a museum.


5 Weird Laws In The Republic Of Estonia

Dual citizenship is not allowed but nobody can take away your Estonian citizenship when you were born here. Basically if you get another citizenship in another country you are breaking the law and Estonia can not take you citizenship away.

it is forbidden by law to sell cocktails for takeaway (ie not for consumption in the bar/restaurant where it is served), or to deliver cocktails with food delivery services. Any other alcohol, like wine or beer, is fine, but cocktails are a no-go. A well-known bar in Tartu which primarily sells cocktails for takeaway has to stop doing it as a result, taking away their main source of revenue.

While reading the penal code I discovered that there is a higher maximum punishment for beating a child compared to genetically mutating him or her.. You can make your child into half-fish, but don’t slap him. Its up to 5 years for beating your own child (KarS §121 lg2) and up to 3 years for making a human clone, a human hybrid.

Age of consent is 14. That’s pretty weird on its own, but it applied only to heterosexuals until recently. The Age of consent for male gay sex was 16 and for Lesbian sex was apparently never legal. Until 2002 when the new Penal Code went into effect. Age of consent is currently still 14 but for everybody but from June 1st 2022 it will be changed to 16!

No sex while playing chess in Estonia : It seems like too many couples were getting it on while playing chess in Tallinn, Estonia, which brought this weird law into effect. It was probably taking the fun out of the game (or out of sex) to think up a law like this in the first place.