• I’ve been buying a lot of red apples, bananas & grapes every weekend so I can enjoy eating them and I have added a dragon fruit a week.
  • I’ve made it a habit of buying a large coffee/frappe from Starbucks/Costa Coffee once or twice a month but no more than that.
  • Check the post from yesterday – I’ve also had the best burger ever or perhaps one of two that I have rated a 10/10. Just amazing!
  • I am currently enjoying watching the new show Star Trek : Strange New Words which, at the time of typing this up, had aired 4 episodes in May. So exciting and way better than either Discovery or Star Trek : Picard.
  • I’ve been working in the day shift, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm for most of the month. By this Friday it would be 4 straight weeks. I am most tired in the mornings and fall asleep by 11 to 11:30 pm on most nights. Except for Saturday nights as I can stay awake and try to do.
  • Since my last doctor’s visit I have had cramps just once, two nights ago but it wasn’t a major one. Still I am disappointed that my issues aren’t gone though I think the medicine has helped. I had a bad cold that day and a runny nose which has led me to get more dehydrated.
  • I haven’t been able to watch as many shows or movies as I normally do and that’s mainly because I am falling asleep early and feel quite tired most of the nights. I should move back to a 4:30 pm to 1:30 am shift starting next Monday.

When You Look For Solitude, Look No Further

Where do you go when you need solitude?

Home. No where else will come as close to being the place that I would love to be in solitude in other than my bedroom. And yes my apartment. It’s because it’s a familiar place with a bed I know that I can fall asleep on very easily. It’s cozy enough for me. I have all my things available here and so why wouldn’t I be comfortable. I have my laptop & tv, my movies & my tv shows and my music to keep me company.

And food! Ofcourse I can order in but I have coffee in my kitchen and I can make a large cup of strong black coffee anytime I want. I can store my snacks. I can also get a large pizza and eat it in bed while I watch a comedy movie or Star Trek. Yes, the apartment and especially my bedroom sounds like a really good place to get some solitude.

However I am now getting an itch to get away for a few days. I feel like going away to spend a few days and nights in a hotel room and not have a care in the world. Get a few beers and room service delivered so I can chill, read a book or two and sleep for long hours in a comfortable bed. That can be solitude as well.

Prompt from 30 DAYS OF WRITING PROMPTS FOR JUNE at The SItsGirls