List 7 Things You’d Rather Be Doing This Summer

1. I’d rather be on vacation just like we used to have when we were in school and colleges. In India it is very difficult to have a fixed vacation time once you start working. I have never had that luxury yet.

2. I would rather be visiting a nice hill station or a cold climate resort like in the Alps of Switzerland or perhaps in Canada. Just to cool things around.

3. I would rather be attending rock concerts and festivals across Europe, South and North America. Horns up and show us what you’ve got.

4. I’d rather be on an luxury cruise, sailing the seas and relaxing as the breeze hits me when I am outside on the deck. Inside of my luxury suite, I will relax and sleep in and enjoy some scrumptious food while sipping on some amazing cocktails.

5. Go on wine tasting tour and stay in the Napa Valley. Find a nice cottage to stay in while I do the wine tasting and enjoying good food.

6. I’d like to experience the coast to coast train journey in Canada while enjoying a nice accommodation like on the Gold Leaf Rocky Mountaineer trip. Or in Europe especially Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands etc.

7. I’d rather be staying in a resort place next to the ocean and sipping on various delicious cocktails while eating the best seafood that the oceans/seas can provide and that mankind can cook up.

Prompt from 30 June Writing Prompts at