4 Weird Laws In Algeria

Money : All foreign currency being brought into Algeria should be disclosed when entering the country by filling in an official form. Each person leaving Algeria will be stopped and asked if he/she has any foreign money and may be possibly be searched. If foreign currency was declared when entering the country, any disparity between the amount arrived with, and the amount held at departure, must be accounted for. If a traveler failed to declare any currency when entering Algeria, and is found to possess foreign currency while exiting the country, the penalties may be severe.

Photography : Don’t take photos of police, military installations, government infrastructure or airports. There is a high level of security in all these places and they won’t take it lightly if you disobey the law.

Drugs : Algeria isn’t the place you want to travel to if you wish to indulge in drugs. Whether they are hard drugs or soft drugs, the rules are all the same, and there is no tolerance. Penalties for drug use or trafficking of drugs include imprisonment.

LGBTQ+ safety in Algeria : Homosexuality is illegal in Algeria, so LGBTQ+ travelers need to be discreet and respectful of local laws at all times. Punishment is a three-year jail sentence and a fine

What If Social Media Died Tomorrow?

If social media died tomorrow, describe a hobby you might get into.

Ha, well I am old enough to remember a time without the internet being as easily accessible as it is now. But like a lot of people my age or older or younger, I am on social media a lot of the time. But since I know of a different time, I would have a lot of free time on my hands. Wait….is Youtube considered Social Media? Oh then even more free time.

I guess I would read a lot more books. More novels for sure. I’d also play and listen to a lot more music. Kinda like what I did before I got internet at home (2006) and social media. I think pre-2006, on a day spent solely at home, I would average between listening to 3 to 5 albums on my cd player. Or cassettes when I only had cassettes. But yeah I would play a lot more music; I used to play an album from beginning to end whereas I now only play songs.

I would also watch a lot more movies and tv shows. Rewatching all that I want to rewatch as well. I guess that’s all that I would do. Oh, and I would watch a lot more live football matches whenever they are playing.

Prompt from 30 June Writing Prompts at Mamakatslosinit.com