A Blogger’s Dreams

Write about blogging full-time. If you aren’t already a full-time blogger, is it something you’d ever aspire to do?

That is the dream. To make a lot of money off my writing and my blog and to quit my job as a result of that.  I do not have the luxury of making a proper living off the earnings that I make on this blog. In fact that has almost dried up to just a trickle. So much so that now I think it’s always gonna be this way. I was getting a lot of money at one point. From the end of 2018 till late 2020, I was getting quite a nice chunk of money for sponsored posts.

That money gave me the freedom to spend some money on myself. I bought two mobile phones, the ones that I use now, my current laptop, my computer chair, a lot of dvds and some Funko pops and even let me take a couple of 3 to 4 day holidays without having to dip into my salary money. That was an awesome feeling. But it hasn’t lasted and now I am lucky if I can make Rs.6000 a month from my blog. But the dream is still there that I can just make a bunch of money every month off my blog.

So I hope that does happen and I can live in ease and have all my needs & my family’s needs plus a lot of luxuries met just because I maintain a blog and write on a daily basis. Someday!