I Would Like To Become A Fur Parent Once Again

If you could have any pet, what kind of animal would it be? Why?

If you have read a few of my blog posts by now you would know that I used to have a dog, a Golden Retriever named Shawny. She passed away in 2005 and was my best friend for 11 years and I still haven’t gotten over her passing. For the next 10 years or so I couldn’t think of getting another dog, though very quickly after her passing, I would take care of a puppy for a year. My sister and brother in law got a pup, a half black Labrador & Dalmatian mix but because of an issue they had at their apartment, they had to bring the pup to my parents home, where I & my parents lived.

I took care of the pup, who was named Shawny Junior or just Junior, for a year. 2006 I moved to this apartment and since then I haven’t kept a dog. Ok, now my sister & her family have a pug named Barfi but I don’t see him that often. In recent years I have wished that I could keep a dog again, which for over 10 years I thought was impossible. But as I grew older, I started missing the unconditional love that a dog can give you. Being there for a dog, taking care of her/him, loving them back and giving them a good home – it’s a great thing and one of the best parts of life.

So yes I would love to get another dog, a Golden Retriever. And because I have had two great dogs who were female, I’d like another sweet female dog. Gentle, loving, graceful and fun to be around at the same time. I guess someday I will get another dog, that is if I ever do leave this smallish apartment. This isn’t a place to raise a dog of the size of a Golden.

Prompt from 50 Creative Writing Prompts for Student Blogging at WhoosReading.org