Seven Weird Laws In Minnesota

1. In Minneapolis, there is a law prohibiting the use of alleys for through pedestrian traffic. No shortcuts in this city!

2. In Cottage Grove, as an emergency water saving measure, your street number dictates when you can use your sprinklers and water your plants. Even numbered days are for even addresses, and odd numbered days are for odd addresses.

3. Minnetonka residents must also keep their wood piles neatly stacked or secured to avoid collapse, lest they be declared a public nuisance.

4. Finally, in this obviously clean city, it is also a public nuisance to drive a vehicle with wheels or tires that deposit mud, dirt, sticky substances, litter, or other materials.

5. As of 2010, a statute states that no person may be charged with or convicted of the offense of drunkenness or public drunkenness. The trick is to avoid all other chargeable offenses once publicly intoxicated.

6. There is still a law stating that when a married woman commits adultery, both the wife and husband can be fined up to $3,000 and imprisoned for up to one year.

7. It is illegal to conceal your identity in public with a robe, mask, or other disguise for any purpose other than entertainment, weather protection, or medical treatment. If you see the paparazzi, you better run really fast.

Golden Popcorn In A Bucket

A few days ago, 6th June, I saw a couple of news articles online that was making fun of Jennifer Lopez’s acceptance speech at the MTV Movie & Tv Awards. She was being recognized for her long career and given the Generation Award for actors whose diverse contributions have made them household names. She also took home best song — a new category — for the track “On My Way” from the “Marry Me” soundtrack.

For one – I wasn’t even sure that MTV was still a thing. I was under the impression that the channel was dying a slow & painful death. It has stopped being a big name in the entertainment industry many, many years ago and the writing was on the wall when they stopped concentrating on music videos, interviews, specials and live shows. Instead they went on the boring relatity shows, dating shows and nonsensical scripted shows that never gained much fanfare and to be honest, I stopped even accepting their existence almost 15-16 years ago. They also had an awards show which was for movies & tv which I kinda tried to watch for a few years but that too faded away since I stopped watching tv altogether in 2010.

So I had a look at what Jen from the block had said; apparently she had made an emotional speech about how believers and skeptics contributed to her success. Now I do not care for Jen or her music (yuck) and most of her movies. I have only watched 3 of her movies – Anaconda in which she appears and then 2 of the Ice Age movies in which she voices a character. But getting that award is good for any artist. Heck, Jack Black was also honoured for his length career and received a career achievement award, Comic Genius. He ran onstage and seemed almost out of breathe before giving his acceptance speech. And don’t tell me that you wouldn’t want one of these gold popcorn in a bucket trophy adorning your mantel or display cabinet. I would.