Rocky III (1982)

Rocky III¬†is a 1982 American¬†sports¬†drama film¬†written, directed by, and starring¬†Sylvester Stallone. It is the sequel to¬†Rocky II¬†(1979) and is the third installment in the¬†Rocky¬†franchise. Along with Stallone reprising the title role, the film also stars¬†Talia Shire,¬†Burt Young,¬†Carl Weathers,¬†Burgess Meredith¬†and¬†Mr. T. In the film,¬†Rocky Balboa¬†faces stiff competition from¬†Clubber Lang, a powerful new contender, and turns to his old adversary¬†Apollo Creed¬†for training after the death of his manager and friend¬†Mickey Goldmill. Despite the returns of the original cast being secured quickly, casting for Lang proved difficult, with real boxers¬†Joe Frazier¬†and¬†Earnie Shavers¬†attached to the project at various points. Mr. T was hired in 1981 after winning¬†America’s Best Bouncer, and the film is considered his¬†breakthrough role.

Rocky III¬†is the first film in the franchise not solely distributed by¬†United Artists, due to the company’s merger with¬†Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1981. Rocky III was theatrically released in the United States by MGM/UA on May 28, 1982. The film received generally mixed reviews, with praise for its action sequences and music but criticism for its screenplay, with some critics deeming the film unnecessary.¬†Rocky III¬†grossed $270 million worldwide, surpassing its predecessors to become the then-highest grossing film in the franchise, and the fourth¬†highest grossing film of 1982. Its¬†theme song, “Eye of the Tiger“, became a¬†hit single¬†and received an¬†Academy Award¬†nomination for¬†Best Original Song.


  • Not much has changed about my situation. It’s the same old, same old
  • I went to the office for working onsite for two days. I do miss it at times but prefer to work from home, thankyouverymuch. I also developed a bad cold while I was there as the ac was on full blast and with less people there to absorb that much cold, we who were there were affected more.
  • That cold developed into a nasty sinus issue. It ruined my last weekend and I had to take a semi-leave on the Monday that followed.
  • I eventually went to the hospital 2 days ago to find out that I had a bad infection. I had an x-ray & blood tests done along with the antigen test. I tell ya, spending 6 to 7 hours at a hospital is tiring. And all I had was a chicken puff and a bit of juice while drinking lots of water.
  • I’ve started using a dark chocolate peanut butter which is less sweet and supposedly good for you as it has less sugar and stuff. It’s ok! I might buy it once in a while to mix things up.
  • I’ve started rewatching my favourite sitcom show which is Corner Gas. This is my 8th or 9th go at it and it is so relaxing and season 1 went by really quickly. I’ve also been rewatcing the Canadian police procedural show Cold Squad and seasons 1 & 2 is over. I will wait a bit before starting season 3.
  • Star Trek Strange New Worlds & The Orville Season 3 have been rocking my universe. I love them both so much and I am bummed that they each only have 10 episodes.

Champagne & Caviar Dreams For The Rich & Famous

My ‚ÄúCaviar‚ÄĚ Dreams: 6 Things I‚Äôd Buy if Money Was No Object (National Caviar Day, 18th)

Well, if money were no object the 6 things I would buy are:

  • two large half floor apartments – one for my parents and one for myself.
  • a few large SUVs for my family & I
  • the latest and greatest in laptops, pads and mobile phones for all in my family and myself
  • a whole new wardrobe for all in the family
  • a big luxury cruise for me and my family to take us all around the world
  • the best in world cuisine will be served for us on a daily basis

I can’t think of anything else right now, so here is my top 6 things

Prompt from 57 Fun Writing Prompts & Blog Post Ideas for July at Pretty Opinionated