Quora Question On Indian Weddings Answered

Why are most Indians not interested in simple wedding ceremonies?

The simple answer is that it is traditional and when you get married, it’s actually is a ceremony not for you or your spouse! It’s actually for your parents and extended family. That is why it’s a large event. It’s a multiple day event, you want the biggest hall for all those relatives & friends and their families. Gals want to go saree, jewelry, watches and other clothes shopping. This can take several days. Guys want that perfect suit to go for the event. Etc etc. All pomp & show to outdo the weddings you have seen.

This trend is changing and has been changing for a while. A couple of my second cousins got married with just their parents and siblings next to them, a non-religious wedding without any pujari/priest and then gave donations to an orphanage and home for the elderly and then they went to have a nice lunch. What money they saved, they took an extended holiday/honeymoon abroad. That;s the way it should be and that’s what my cousins wanted. Their parents may have wanted the big wedding but that’s not the wedding the actual groom & bride wanted.

I’m not married myself and it looks unlikely that I ever will. But if I ever did, it will be a small affair. Immediate family, non-religious ceremony and a quite lunch. Simple and tasteful.

To Me, Freedom Means…

To me, freedom means…

  • Not having to work for a living and not having to worry about spending money on a few luxuries without worrying about what will happen till the next paycheck hits your account. Having more than enough money to spend on yourself and your family.
  • Not having to answer to anyone anymore and being your own boss and setting your own schedule. Today you want to lie in bed – yes; instead you want to go out – sure; or you want to have a party – why not?
  • Being able to take care financially and thereby providing luxuries, the best food, medical care and large homes for my entire family. Yes I am crazy that way and if I could be rich enough to do that I would and that would be freedom for me.

Prompt from Lalilo July ’21 Writing Prompt Calendar at Lalilo.com