My Family & I Are Battling Covid

Yesterday was a tough day for my family. My mom has Covid and left a day ago to stay with my sister. As of today she just has a headache and some tiredness. And now my dad has Covid! I had a doubt and so I arranged for a test to be done – they sent a person to come and take a sample and we got to know that he is positive. While trying to get ready he slipped and hurt his left arm and strained his leg muscle. I had to help him get up with the help of our neighbour and we managed to get him to walk a little bit and then he sat in a chair.

My sister came and then I called the ambulance to take him to the hospital. So he had a fever but luckily he doesn’t have a fracture. He needs to keep his arm in one of those arm rests/sling kinda things to help it to heal but he got to come home – as in my sister’s place. So now both of them are there trying to get better!!! I had to work that night and tried to finish my day but 3 hours before I had to sign off I started feeling ill. I managed to stay up for 2 more hours before I signed off and went to bed and woke up sick. I too have Covid!

And so, having already applied for leave, I now sit and rest at home and avoiding people and trying to get well and take my medicines.