Your Dogs & Cats Belong Inside Your Home With You

Would your pet prefer to be indoors or outdoors and why do you think that is?

My first dog was a Golden Retriever named Shawny who was with me for 11 years and just after she died, I then took care of my sister & brother-in-law’s dog Junior, who was a Black Labrador & Dalmation mix, for about a year. Now mainly because of my mother, who was afraid of dogs (why is for another post) and still is. So we had a kennel built for Shawny next to the house and that was also where Junior lived for a year. I still regret it to this day and had I been older I would have been able to convince my mother and father – who would not have needed much convincing – to raise the dogs inside the house. And I will regret that for the rest of my life.

Why? Because your pets like cats & dogs belong with you inside the house, inside your home. Let’s talk about dogs since I love dogs a bit more than I love cats, though I would want both. They are not just your pets, they are your best friends and they are family. Or atleast they deserve to be and they deserve to be treated as such. And you should take care of them. My dogs got a ton of love but never got to stay inside my home. I still imagine having the dogs and changing the past – that they were brought home and then I raised them inside. Especially Shawny. I would buy her a nice big dog bed so she can sleep next to my bed.

At you could have your pet sit on a dog bed next to the big sofa as you sat and watch movies & tv shows. Up in my computer room/home office she/he could sit and play with a few toys while you work or play on your laptop. However you could have the dog play in your backyard, or if you have a side yard like we did, at times and romp in the grass. Also have designated pee and poo areas. You can also take your dog for walks, to the park, small trail treks whatever. But otherwise, they deserve to be with you inside the house. And sleep on a soft warm dog bed next to your bed in your bedroom. Or pretend to do so and then when the dog know that you are asleep, sneakily jump into your bed and find a cozy spot next to you.

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