RIP David Warner

David Hattersley Warner¬†(29 July 1941 ‚Äď 24 July 2022) was an English actor, who worked in film, television, and theatre. He attended the¬†Royal Academy of Dramatic Art¬†and worked in the theatre before attaining prominence on screen in 1966 through his lead performance in the¬†Karel Reisz¬†film¬†Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment, for which he was nominated for the¬†BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Warner portrayed both romantic leads and villainous characters across a range of media, including¬†The Ballad of Cable Hogue,¬†Straw Dogs,¬†Cross of Iron,¬†The Omen,¬†Holocaust,¬†The Thirty Nine Steps,¬†Time After Time,¬†Time Bandits,¬†Tron,¬†A Christmas Carol,¬†Portrait in Evil,¬†Titanic,¬†Mary Poppins Returns¬†and various characters in the¬†Star Trek¬†franchise, in the films¬†Star Trek V: The Final Frontier¬†and¬†Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and the¬†Star Trek: The Next Generation¬†two-part¬†“Chain of Command”¬†episode.

Warner moved to Hollywood in 1987, where he lived for 15 years. During that time, in addition to Titanic, he was a regular fixture in US television, cropping up in science fiction shows to Twin Peaks and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I will always remember him for his fun role as Prof. Jordan Perry in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, his tragic turn in Omen as the doomed photographer, his role as the human representative St. John Talbot in Star Trek V : The Final Frontier & his awesome portrayal as the Klingon Chancellor Gorkon in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. However most Trekkies will know him from his iconic role as Gul Madred the Cardassian who tortures & interrogates Captain Jean-Luc Picard (there are 4 lights) in the double episode Chain of Command in Star Trek TNG.

Married and divorced twice, he leaves behind 1 child.

Facts About Cowboy Hats

The modern-day cowboy hat dates back to 1865, when hatmaker John B. Stetson built its prototype. Since then, the cowboy hat has become a fashion icon, sported by Western star John Wayne, though the bowler hat quickly outpaced the real West’s cowboy hat. Following are some facts about the hats:

John Wayne Often Wore Cowboy Hats in Films

In his final film, The Shootist, John Wayne sported a custom cowboy hat on his dome. This Wayne-style hat featured a pinched front, a six-inch (15.24-cm) crown, and a triangular crease, a model still sold to this day!

The Shape of the Hat Describes Who You Are

In the case of cowboy hats, your hat’s style and shape represent who you are! For example, a relatively tall hat with a narrow crown was popular amongst cattlemen, both a fashion statement and functional headwear. This hat’s practicality also included tugging it down to fit tighter, protecting against the wind, rain, and sand.

Many Cowboys Preferred the Bowler Hat

Due to its sleek, aerodynamic construction, the bowler hat was much more practical than the cowboy hat for horseback travelers. The bowler was far more skilled at deflecting wind, dirt, and sand than the traditional cowboy hat. So while the cowboy hat was specifically designed for workers out west, many outdoors sported bowlers instead.

There Are Two Major Cowboy Hat Specialty Companies

Although the cowboy-style hat has been around for some time now, nearly two centuries to be exact, there are still two highly reputable, quality brands that sell the original cowboy hat: Resistol and the John B. Stetson Company.

Cowboy Hats Are Described by the X-Factor

The X-factor rating system is the most common way to define a cowboy hat, describing the percentage of pure fur used to craft the hat’s felt. Similarly, the quality of the felt will determine how expensive or inexpensive the cowboy hat will be.

Cowboy Hats Are Mostly Weather-Proof

With the exception of the straw hat, the cowboy hat is designed to handle long hours in direct sunlight or mild rain. As a general rule of thumb, any cowboy hat that is crafted from natural fibers, like the straw hat, should not be exposed to the natural elements for as long.

The Resistol brand, in particular, has been known to craft especially durable hats capable of surviving both rain and snow. However, thunderstorms or heavy rains could break down the felt of a cowboy hat over time.

Reliable Appliance Repair

Everyone likes appliances and as we can’t even think of life without our appliances. And that’s because our appliances makes our lives so much more easier and effective. And who doesn’t love to have bright, shiny new appliances? Great. What if things stop working? We all understand that we are dependent on these appliances on a regular if not daily basis. Having a non-working or defective appliance can cause trouble in the household, possibly even some stress and pressure. You need a reliable repair service where you can find all the major appliance brands that can be repaired to take care of your needs and the needs of those appliances.

You can look for service that have experience in handling a various brands and not have to look out for more than one if your appliances are from different makers. That makes it a whole lot more convenient since you only have to rely on that one service. And on that has good to great reviews from customers and if you happen to have people in your circle who have had experience in dealing with them, all the better. Nothing better than a testimonial from someone you know.

Oh and if they have flexible hours that is icing on the cake. You don’t need to take a day off just to have the repair guys come to your home and fix the faulty appliance.