Things Heard & Seen (2021)

Things Heard & Seen¬†is a 2021 American¬†horror film¬†written and directed by¬†Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini, based on the novel¬†All Things Cease to Appear¬†by Elizabeth Brundage. It stars¬†Amanda Seyfried¬†and¬†James Norton. It was released on April 29, 2021, by¬†Netflix, and received mostly negative reviews from critics. A number of landscape paintings from the¬†Hudson River School feature prominently throughout the film. An artist relocates to the Hudson Valley and begins to suspect that her marriage has a sinister darkness, one that rivals her new home’s history.

The Manhatten couple, a professor & an artist, want to have a slower pace of life and a chance for George to be a lecturer in a college. But is their idyllic life with the kid, all that it seems to be and what is that Catherine is experiencing and hearing in the house? Filming took place over a 34 day period during the fall of 2019 in New York’s Hudson Valley, where the plot is also set.

Who You’re Gonna Call? I Don’t Believe In No Ghost

Ghosts. Do you believe in them?

No. I might watch a lot of horror movies and movies with ghosts in them but do I believe that there are real ghosts? No. I haven’t seen any proof and since it hasn’t been proved (yet) and it seems very unlikely to me, I don’t believe that they are real. However I love movies with ghosts and ghosts stories a lot.

As a child I did get scared quite a lot at the movies and even at times when Iet my imagination get the better of me. Ofcourse the power of suggestion, an impressionable young mind and and active imagination combined to make me scared for no reasons other than a power cut or a shape in the distance, which turns out to be shirts on a clothes stand, etc etc. Once an older cousin tried to scare me about ghosts and stuff by repeating “Friday! Friday!” on a Friday the 13th night. I hadn’t actually watched the movies yet as I was just 9 or 10 but got scared and a few minutes later the power went out and now my cousin too got scared.

I’ve had such incidents, just a handful, when I was a kid and each time it was something silly. We need to get past these superstitious stuff; if there is proof that there are such things as ghosts we will all get to know it and then we can all agree that these do exist.

Prompt from 30 Random Blog Post Ideas at My Inner Shakti

The Culinary Disaster I Remember From When I Was A Teen

Your worst cooking disaster.

Well, this is not actually my worst cooking disaster but my sister & cousin. And this is from a long, long time ago. I must have been 16 or 17 and my parents who were members of Lions club, had gone for the evening for a dinner party. Hence my sister and our cousin Raakhee who is almost 3 years older than me and was staying with us at the time, offered to make dinner for the 3 of us. What was on the menu?

So back then we didn’t have the internet so they had found a recipe in a magazine for a couple of simple things. Simple things in theory! The two girls had decided that they would make the Indo-Chinese dish Chilli Chicken, which they would serve with pre-brought porotta and for dessert they were preparing souffle. “Can I help?” I asked halfheartedly, to which they said “You? Silly boy, just go and sit in the living room and watch tv. Smiling I went to watch two 1 hour episodes of some tv shows I loved and then….

Total silence from the kitchen. By now I was starving and so I went to check on them. The two ladies looked like they had been through a war! Hair in disarray and sweating a storm and the food! The chilli chicken dish looked greyish while it is supposed to be a dark orangish or red colour. And the souffle – was stuck to the sides of the dish they cooked it it and to be honest, it looked like rinsed shampoo that had been dried. I looked at them and was about to ask something when…

They both said “Don’t say a word! Just shut up and eat the food.” The threat was real so I did as I was told and managed to eat some of it and lied saying that it tasted better than it looked. We had a maid who tried it out and she actually loved it! Damn! But that was a culinary disaster of epic proportions.

Prompt from 30 Random Blog Post Ideas at My Inner Shakti