3 Most Haunted Places In The State Of Kerala

1. Lakkidi Gateway, Wayanad

Wayanad district in Kerala witnesses flocks of trekkers who turn up in large numbers to explore the peaks and enjoy the soothing weather during peak tourist season. Lakkidi Gateway is a route through which you can pass the Tamarasseri pass which gives you the entry to the hilly district of Kerala, Wayanad. The place is known for its thick forests and cold temperatures. Lakkidi gateway remains the shortest route to cross Tamarasseri pass but it is unknown to many travelers. The people who know the route prefer not to use it because of the different haunting stories related to this place. A few of the locals know the route and the frightening stories associated with the place.

2. Bonacaud Bungalow, Trivandrum

In the capital city of Kerala lies the dilapidated and forgottenBonacaud bungalow. The cottage has a very old construction and is supposed to have been built during the colonial era. Spread over the mystic hills, waterfalls and streams, the place gives you the perfect picture of the haunted and overlooked lodgings that you have always read about in horror stories. The broken windows, decrepit walls, and hangings are bound to stun your senses.

3. Kariavattom, Trivandrum

Although Technopark is the IT hub of Kerala where several multinational giants have their offices, Kariavattom campus road from Technopark back gate is the location where several enigmatic rumors have been reported. The place gets hushed at night and a walk through the campus is a daring journey. Many stories have been described by passengers about odd happenings taking place here. The noises and squeals that break the silence will give you chills and thrills.

Three Adventures To Blow Your Fragile Minds

Three adventures you want to experience in your lifetime.

Hmmm, this is a difficult one as there are so many I would love to experience.

I’d like to be able to go on a cruise and then discover a lost land or a land which has not been seen before or unknown till now. Like the lost city of Atlantis or something like that. And having to prove to people and show them that “Hey, here is that land which we didn’t know we had. Let’s go explore.”

Similarly I’d like to be the person that stands in front of the United Nations, in front of all these leaders of the nation, and being on tv live across all the television channels & streaming services of the world and tell that aliens are real and have visited us, we are not created by any god or gods and instead our species existence was actually a result of the seeds that these aliens planted on this earth so to speak and we are a secondary offshot of theirs, space travel is a real thing and that we aren’t that special as we think we are as there are many such beings like us throughout the galaxy and galaxies (I watch too much Stargate) and blow the minds of everyone.

Also the biggest adventure of all – I want to go to outer space! See the universe and explore the galaxies. Check out various planets, chase a comet, meet new alien species, try out their food and drink and share ours. See the various cultures and really experience the universe in all her glory. And ofcourse, to bed the sexy alien women! Now that’s an adventure.

Prompt from 30 Random Blog Post Ideas at My Inner Shakti