Pics Of My New Phone – The IQOO 9T

Ok so I have now used the phone for a couple of days and I love it. I am sharing a few pics from the time of unboxing, which was on Tuesday. The IQOO 9t sells at a beastly price of Rs.49,999 or Rs.50k. I bought it off Amazon India, with a discount of Rs.1000 for taking it on EMI, another Rs.750 for buying it on a card, Rs.4000 which is an ICICI Bank discount – I don’t have an ICICI card but transferred money to a friend who does and placed the order using that card.


I also exchanged my 2+ year old RealMe X2 Pro for which I got a discount of Rs.13,053. Not bad eh? So even the box is so wonderful to look at. A well designed box with a slightly textured finish and an awesome pattern and rather stylish look. The top of the box is a diagonal cut and makes it stand out even more as the gap is slightly indented – looks nice!


Love that white finish on the phone with those beautiful three racing track stripes and it is so smooth to the touch. The stripes feel different enough on my fingers but overall it is so smooth but a little slippery. Hence it is always good to keep a case on the back, which is something I always do anyways. I choose to always go with the company provided clear TPU back cover so that I can enjoy the look of the original back cover. And I love the black rectangle on top which is for the camera part.


Overall it is a very smooth phone to use though since I have been very busy with work related stuff and others, I haven’t yet fully explored the phone. I plan to do so and finish installing all the apps I need tomorrow and on Sunday and will play around with it a lot more. I did install a couple of games and have played a few rounds when I got time. So far everything is top notch. And the battery charging – so damn fast!

5 Weird Laws In Romania

1. The punishment for rape in the Code of Constantin Mavrocordat : 1750 – People who committed rape in that era were punished with the cutting of the sexual organ. Nowadays, raping is punished with imprisonment.

2. Law against drunkenness. In accordance with its name, this law determined how the alcohol was made and sold. Also, the number of innkeepers was strictly determined by the law: one drinking house for 150 men and one drinking house for 50 men in isolated areas.

3. Banning Mickey Mouse : It is said that in 1935 the Govern of Romania decided to ban Mickey Mouse because it was thought that the animated character was scaring the children.

4. Prohibiting abortion : The communists aimed to increase the birth rate and the natural growth of the population. Thus, starting with the October 1966 and ending with December 1989 (when the decree was abolished because of the fall of Communism) all the abortions were prohibited in Romania. Only in special circumstances the abortion was allowed (for ex.: when the pregnancy was the result of a rape or incest; when the woman was more than 45 years old or had 4 children to take care of; when one of the parents suffered from a serious disease with hereditary transmission; when the pregnancy put the woman’s life in danger).

This is how the generation of the ‘decree children’ appeared. Besides the growth of the young population, this had many other negative effects such as the death of more than 10.000 women due to illegal abortion.

5. Marital rape : The criminal Code from 1968 regulated that the author or any other participant in rape was not punished if he married his victim before the judgment became definitive. In other words, the rape between spouses was not punished back then, because it was considered that it was the ‘woman’s duty’ to have sexual relation with her husband any time he wanted. Rape between spouses was incriminated just in 2000 in an aggravated form (as rape against a family member) and nowadays marital rape is regulated without an aggravated punishment.