Four Weird Laws In Vietnam

It’s illegal to have more than two people on a motorbike at the same time. Believe it or not, topping this list of weird laws in Vietnam is having more than two people on a motorbike. Vietnam is flooded with motorbikes across the country. However, a hard pill to swallow is the existence of this law. Local police officers don’t enforce this law as they know there are a lot of people who do not abide by this thus it just became something that you just have to see everyday.

Another weird law in Vietnam is that whether you’re an expat or just a tourist, as long as you’re a foreign citizen, you are required to register with the local police when you move into a residence. For tourists, you can skip the hassles as your hotel/hostel usually takes care of this for you. (Thus the need for your passport.) But for expats who are planning to stay for a long term, your landlord is required to do it. Why? Simply so they know you live in that place and that you’re accounted for.

Expats Can Buy Property but Not Land This one is gold! Wanting to settle down and purchase your own piece of land in the country? One of the weird laws in Vietnam is owning an establishment or property without acquiring the land where it is built on. Yup, you read it right. According to Vietnamese law, you can basically purchase a house but not the land. So you can still live that dream to buy a house, or a mansion, but the land wouldn’t belong to you and you will have to lease it.

You’re Not Allowed to Gamble. Generally, gambling is deemed illegal in Vietnam with the exception of licensed casinos operating within the country. Anyone found to be in violation of this law is subject to steep fines and/or a severe prison sentence. Access to licensed casinos is restricted to holders of foreign passports. Otherwise, you can still spend the money on seeing several attractions across Vietnam!

The Top 5 Grocery Delivery Services I Use In Kochi

Since Covid-19 there has been a growing spurt of online grocery store services that sprung up and have been doing great business. Most people, me especially, do not want to go out to a store and get my family’s grocery. Want to avoid it? Order groceries online from the top online grocery store and sit back and relax. There are several apps that you can choose from and not all are available throughout India. I use a few on a regular basis and chose based on options and availability. If I were to rate them that’s a different thing altogether as I feel that Lulu is probably the worst in service.

1. Big Basket

Big Basket is India’s leading online grocery store. Here you will get quality products, be it rice, dairy, spices, gourmet products, or any other items related to your grocery needs. And if savings on grocery shopping is at the top of your mind, Big Basket is the place for online grocery in India. Here you can get various discounts and offers such as a 10% cashback or an extra 5% off on your orders using the Big Basket coupons.

Other than the quality and discounts, they also ensure on-time delivery, same-day or express delivery, and signature packing.

2. JioMart

JioMart is one of the top online grocery stores in India. Launched as a joint venture by Reliance Retail and Jio Platforms, Jiomart was founded in 2019. It works as a mediator between the nearby grocery stores and end customers. It mainly deals with the delivery of groceries and daily essentials. Currently present in more than 200 cities and India’s towns, it is also known for offering products at an affordable price range. Jiomart has posted a 3x growth in customer acquisition in 2020-2021.

3. Amazon Fresh

Amazon expanded its horizons in the grocery industry and became one of the top grocery shopping sites in India. You can now shop online for your monthly groceries with Amazon Fresh. Shop from a wide range of items, cooking essentials, beverages, household supplies, and other daily necessities. You can also get an extra 5-15% cashback if you purchase more than Rs 1000. Visit the site for more information.

4. Lulu Hypermart

Lulu is a global chain of malls and they have one in Kochi, established in 2014 and a newer one that opened in Trivandrum. With its pleasant and novel variation from the usual supermarkets, LuLu offers grocery delivery and more with their app and website. When it comes to grocery though, they have a lot more variety that they do not offer on the app, which is odd but I guess they want to save some for the huge throng that come in daily to the mall.

5. Swiggy Instamart

Swiggy (and Zomato by the way) is the newest entry and one that I have really started to use these last few days. They offer delivery in different & convenient slots from within an hour or you can chose a slot during the rest of the day. This is very convenient and I like ordering during my work but having a delivery slot when I am more free or done with my work. Their new store in the city helps to have them deliver from the stocks there rather than what they did earlier and have their delivery partners go to different stores.