Against The Wishes Of The Bridegroom

Well, I haven’t blogged about any of my dreams in a while and I had a really vivid one last night. In this dream, I apparently moved to a new house on rent or perhaps we bought it. It was a small house next to very similar homes like townhouses in a row. My parents settled in first and soon I joined them and we went about making the house our new home. And we also started meeting and getting to know our new neighbours. My sister & her family also would soon come to visit us.

And then I met this girl. Now, what I do want to say is that this is a young girl. Just 16 or so. And she was pretty, sweet, smart and kind. She would feed the stray cats and dogs nearby and also take care of most of the pets in the colony. She kept bird feed for the birds in the area. She was really a very nice girl. And in this dream, her parents were forcing her to get married to a 25 year old against her wishes. She tried to protest but they weren’t hearing her side of things. Many a times, I would hear her crying softly to herself when she thought she was alone but I would see her.

My sister and I decided to go and try to convince her parents to not force her at such a young age and they did feel ashamed that their new neighbours were telling them this but they did not relent. Finally on the day of the wedding, no one could find the girl. She was hiding in my house, in my room, but no one thought of checking in the houses. I would go back inside to my bedroom and see the girl hiding on my bed and I told her she could stay there.

That’s all I remember as I woke up at 8:30 am this morning. No clue how it all ends. Bummer!

7 Benefits Of Eating Pears

Highly nutritious

Pears come in many different varieties. Bartlett, Bosc, and D’Anjou pears are among the most popular, but around 100 types are grown worldwide. This same serving also provides small amounts of folate, provitamin A, and niacin. Folate and niacin are important for cellular function and energy production, while provitamin A supports skin health and wound healing. Pears are likewise a rich source of important minerals, such as copper and potassium. Copper plays a role in immunity, cholesterol metabolism, and nerve function, whereas potassium aids muscle contractions and heart function.

May promote gut health

Pears are an excellent source of soluble and insoluble fiber, which are essential for digestive health. These fibers help maintain bowel regularity by softening and bulking up stool. One medium-sized pear (178 grams) packs 6 grams of fiber — 22% of your daily fiber needs. Additionally, soluble fibers feed the healthy bacteria in your gut. As such, they’re considered prebiotics, which are associated with healthy aging and improved immunity. Notably, fiber may help relieve constipation. In a 4-week study, 80 adults with this condition received 24 grams of pectin — the kind of fiber found in fruit — per day. They experienced constipation relief and increased levels of healthy gut bacteria.

Have anti-inflammatory properties

Although inflammation is a normal immune response, chronic or long-term inflammation can harm your health. It’s linked to certain illnesses, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Pears are a rich source of flavonoid antioxidants, which help fight inflammation and may decrease your risk of disease. Several large reviews tie high flavonoid intake to a reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes. This effect may be due to these compounds’ anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. What’s more, pears pack several vitamins and minerals, such as copper and vitamins C and K, which also combat inflammation.

May offer anticancer effects

Pears contain various compounds that may exhibit anticancer properties. For example, their anthocyanin and cinnamic acid contents have been shown to fight cancer. A few studies indicate that diets rich in fruits, including pears, may protect against some cancers, including those of the lung, stomach, and bladder. Some population studies suggest that flavonoid-rich fruits like pears may also safeguard against breast and ovarian cancers, making this fruit a particularly smart choice for women. While eating more fruit may reduce your cancer risk, more research is needed. Pears should not be considered a replacement for cancer treatment.

Linked to a lower risk of diabetes

Pears — particularly red varieties — may help decrease diabetes risk. One large study in over 200,000 people found that eating 5 or more weekly servings of anthocyanin-rich fruits like red pears was associated with a 23% lower risk of type 2 diabetes. Additionally, a mouse study noted that plant compounds, including anthocyanins, in pear peel exhibited both anti-diabetes and anti-inflammatory effects. What’s more, the fiber in pears slows digestion, giving your body more time to break down and absorb carbs. This can also help regulate blood sugar levels, potentially helping prevent and control diabetes.

May boost heart health

Pears may lower your risk of heart disease. Their procyanidin antioxidants may decrease stiffness in heart tissue, lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, and increase HDL (good) cholesterol. The peel contains an important antioxidant called quercetin, which is thought to benefit heart health by decreasing inflammation and reducing heart disease risk factors like high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. One study in 40 adults with metabolic syndrome, a cluster of symptoms that increases your heart disease risk, found that eating 2 medium pears each day for 12 weeks lowered heart disease risk factors, such as high blood pressure and waist circumference.

May help you lose weight

Pears are low in calories, high in water, and packed with fiber. This combination makes them a weight-loss-friendly food, as fiber and water can help keep you full. When full, you’re naturally less prone to keep eating.

Nicolas Pepe Joins French Side Nice On Loan For The Rest Of The Season

Arsenal’s record signing Nicolas Pepe has joined Nice on loan for the rest of the season, the clubs announced Thursday. The deal does not include an obligation or option to make the transfer permanent. Pepe has struggled since joining Arsenal from Lille for a club-record fee in 2019, scoring 27 goals in 112 appearances for the club across all competitions. The Ivory Coast winger scored 16 goals in 47 appearances in his most productive campaign for the north London side in 2020-21 and helped them lift the FA Cup in 2020.

But Pepe made just 23 appearances last season as he fell out of favour under manager Mikel Arteta, scoring three goals. The 27-year-old will hope he can revive his career in Ligue 1, where he burst through as an attacking talent at Lille from 2017-2019. He will join up with former Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey at Nice after they signed the Wales international on a free transfer this summer. The French side also brought in Kasper Schmeichel from Leicester City, bringing the goalkeeper’s 11-year stay at the club to an end.

The winger is a regular for Ivory Coast but has failed to establish himself in Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta’s starting line-up, often coming on only as an impact substitute. Pepe, 27, has a contract with Arsenal until 2024 and Nice said it does not have a purchase option to make the transfer permanent. Pepe had a good record in Ligue 1 with Lille, scoring 37 times in 79 appearances. In his final season at Lille, he scored 22 goals and contributed 11 assists in the league. He did not play in any of Arsenal’s three league matches this season, all of which Arteta’s side won to top the table. Nice is 16th in Ligue 1 without a win in three games.