Another Week Done, More Of The Same Happening

So this past 5 days have been somewhat ok, not too hectic but at the same time I did have a ton of work to complete as well. It’s becoming highly monotonous and irritating to be honest with the kind of work that we are doing at the moment and I am slowly becoming tired of it. However I did complete the training batch that I was conducting remotely for a set of 7 employees of our Mumbai office and that was the least of my worries as things were very smooth with them.

I was doing a 1:30 pm to 10:30 pm shift but ofcourse I usually switch off after 11:30 or past midnight. On Tuesday I even had to stretch till 2:30 am because of the corporate nonsense stuff that they expect us to  get done for them. And for what? Simple nonsense. Sometimes I think that as you grow up the ladder in corporate India, you lose your brain cells and make the stupidest ideas and decisions that make you seem really moronic. And except for brown nosers and ass lickers, the rest of us can see it.

So I rest this weekend and spent today relaxing and watched a movie in the afternoon while also managing a 30 minute power nap. I had McDonald’s for dinner and listened to a lot of music today. Tomorrow will be a lot of the same and just chilling at home.

Hey, Hey I Wanna Be A Rockstar

What did you want to be when you were a kid? And what do you do now?

What do I do now? I work for a large BPO, a corporate company that does outsourced work for many big multinational companies and focuses on customer care, working their customer accounts, mortgage, insurance, healthcare and anti-virus etc. I working in the customer care section for one of the largest companies in the world, as a senior trainer for new hire folks and continuous training for tenured folks. I’ve been doing this job for 7 years.

What did I want to be when I was a kid? From the time I was 12-13 years old I wanted to be a rock star. A lead guitar solo playing singer fronting a fantastic band or solo. I wanted to be bigger than Michael Jackson and Elvis and have tons of fans coming to my concerts and have groupies galore. I wanted them to stalk my hotel but not harm me or anyone in my entourage. I wanted to win all the awards and sell millions and millions of records and have a 100,000 stadium singing my lyrics back to me.

And then a movie star! Not just an actor but a multiple Oscar and other awards winning star. Whose’ movies make a billion dollars at the box office and I have throngs of adoring fans who want to have their pics taken with me and I get interviewed by the best and have photo shoots in exotic locales. I get to stay in the biggest & most expensive hotels and dine at the finest restaurants. And bed the glamorous women in the movie, music & modelling industry and they all rave about how excellent I am in bed!

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