Write About The Biggest Mistake – Not Making The Move To Bangalore

The last couple of days I have been trying to speak to a friend of mine & my cousins who live in Bangalore and one cousin who just moved from Bangalore back to Kochi, for leads regarding getting an apartment for rent in an area of Bangalore. This isn’t for me but a colleague & friend from my current place of employment who has resigned and is currently serving his notice period. He has found a new job in Bangalore (Whitefield area) and is looking to find a small apartment to rent there.

I asked my contacts about a possible contact and to see if I could help him and last night I spent a couple of hours speaking to a long time friend who is from Bangalore & my 3 cousins as well about if they know anyone who has a place to rent or maybe some Facebook group or website that focuses on renting places in the city. As I was doing it I felt a real sharp feeling of envy and sadness. I wish I had moved to Bangalore and had a place of my own. I have always regretted that I never made the move when I should have and it would have been a very different life that I would have had if I had.

I remember back in 2010 when I last visited Bangalore, due to a training that our company was sending us to attend, for 3 days we stayed at a service apartment that was used by the company for any employees traveling to Bangalore for work. I was with 2 other guys from our Kochi office and after the first day we were joined by a guy who was from the Bombay office who had come to Bangalore for a presentation. The four of us shared the 3 rooms in the apartment. It was an old building, probably built during the early 80s with the elevator being added much later. As soon as you enter the apartment, there is a small hall and on the right is a bug bed room with an amazing semi-circle area that has a reading area and the big windows.

That was the room that I was in and although the attached bathroom could use an upgrade, the large bedroom was gorgeous. Next was a small dining cum siting area, which was pretty small considering that this was a 3BHK but still nice with similarly pretty windows. On the left of the living room was the 2nd bedroom with it’s own bathroom attached and a small kitchen separated from the rest of the apartment. Then there were the second floor which had a bedroom with attached bathroom and a large terrace or balcony. More like a terrace. My colleagues used that room and all the bedrooms had their own tvs.

I would love to have moved to Bangalore after finding a cushy job that pays really well and find a place like this to rent out. I think I would have enjoyed living there, with all their malls, restaurants & fast food choices plus big rock bands that have performer there throughout the years. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kochi and am most comfortable here but the choices I would get in Bangalore would be much better. Plus I would love to move out but I can’t do that now. Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like. It was a mistake not to have taken the early opportunities and moved to Bangalore.

Prompt from 121 LIFESTYLE BLOG POSTS IDEAS TO WRITE ABOUT IN 2022 at SheMeansBlogging