Five Weird Laws In South Korea

Gaming Online : If you are under 16 then online gaming is banned for you after 12 am till 6 am. During these hours all the major servers for online gaming have a restriction, this law is also called as ‘The Shutdown Law.’  Since in Korea you are required to log in with your government ID number, there is no straight way around this law.

Long Teaching Hours : The culture of after school program is common in Korea since almost forever. These programs supplement and even replace regular schooling sometimes. This has increased the number of graduations per year in the country, but the same program may also push students under extreme pressure. It keeps every student under stress, and many students committed suicide because of it.  So to stop this, late-night teaching prohibits after school programs to remain open after 10 pm.

Street Vendors : Since 2011, street stalls became illegal, because according to some politicians, these vendors are the reason why the country’s GDP lose up to 24%. However, not every vendor is the breaker of the law. The next time you enjoy delicious rice cakes from one of these stalls operated by a nice old lady, remember this law which makes them lawbreakers.

Tattoo Making : The art of tattooing isn’t illegal itself and you can get a tattoo as long as the tattoo artist is a licensed medical doctor. But there is a lack of law enforcement for non-medically trained tattoo artists, so they are growing in number.

Gambling : Do not get confused by the ads of casinos starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun, gambling is illegal for the citizens of the country. However, if you are a foreigner then it is completely fine for you to gamble. Casino owners run big campaigns for casinos so that it attracts foreigners more and more.

What New Thing I Want To Try In 2023

What new thing do you want to try in the next year?

I’d like to try a new job next year. What I really want to achieve or accomplish is to find another job that pays a good deal more. Like Rs.20,000 to Rs.30,000 more than what I am currently getting in hand. That leaves me with a bit more money to play with and save as well. With medicals bills (dad, mom & mine), groceries and eating out, it just feels like I have a lot less in hand at the end of the month.

The fear of changing jobs in the current setting and wanting a full time work at home option is a bit off putting when compared to the comfort zone of where I am working right now. However it is high time that I made a change and now that it will be 8 years for me at my current place in January, it seems like a really good time to make changes.

So I wouldn’t even mind changing my roles a little bit. Whatever it takes to do a good job and make a lot more money but also working from home. I hope to make that change by January and well, wish me well and a lot of luck, as I will need it.

Prompt from 30 Best September Journal Prompts for 2022 at