1992 had big shoes to fill – 1991 saw many amazing debuts and awesome albums and it was massive. While the albums released the following year didn’t quite match up, I still think they had some fantastic releases in their own right. Some of which are among my favourites. Including my second favourite Iron Maiden album and a couple of debuts. The big one from Maiden, Fear Of The Dark, which was the last with Bruce Dickinson on vocals until 2000’s Brave New World (which incidentally is my favourite of theirs). Another big one was Countdown to Extinction the fifth studio album by American heavy  metal band Megadeth, released on July 14, 1992, containing some of their biggest hits.

On the Grunge side of things Alice in Chains released their second LP, Dirt and it was massive while Nirvana came out with Incesticide. Another major album was Angel Dust, Faith No More’s biggest selling album. Def Lepard’s second biggest album, their first after the death of guitarist Steve Clark, Adrenalize was another major hit for the British greats. Two awesome albums from the alternative side of rock was Blind Melon’s self-titled debut and Ugly Kid Joe’s debut LP (following their record breaking EP that was released the previous year) As Ugly As They Wanna Be also came out this year. Short lived Supergroup of sorts Damn Yankees released their second and final album Don’t Tread with equally catch tunes. Extreme released III Sides To Every Story their much awaited 3rd album and follow up to the massively successful sophomore effort, wgich didn’t do that well commercially but still has some great songs.

After a gap of 4 years Bon Jovi released their 5th album Keep The Faith with some epic singles. It was also their last album with the now late bassist Alec John Such, who was dismissed 2 years later. Joe Satriani released The Extremist his fourth studio album on July 21, 1992. Saigon Kicks popular The Lizard also came out this year, while pop-rockers Fire House put out their 2nd second studio album Hold Your Fire. It is his second most popular album. Weird Al Yankovic released his magnus opus Off The Deep End, his 7th overall. In the Blues world Eric Clapton released Rush the soundtrack to a movie, while his friend Robert Cray released I Was Warned, which was my introduction to his music. The late Jeff Healey released his 3rd album Feel This. Carlos Santana & band put out Milagro, while The Black Crowes released their second album The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion.  Thrash metal monsters Pantera released Vulgar Display of Power. Yngwie Malmsteen released his 6th album Fire & Ice (and the first I ever owned of his).

Progressive rockers Dream Theatre came up with Images And Words, their second album, commercial breakthrough and the first with current vocalist James LaBrie. Canadian rockers released Fully Completely which was their 3rd album, filled with fan favourites. REM released Automatic For The People, their highly awaited follow up to their big breakthrough of 1991 Out Of Time. Soul Asylum released their breakthrough Grave Dancers Union while former GnR member Izzy Straddlin released his first solo album Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds. while Neil Young released the delightful Harvest Moon.

Recluse or Hermit? Take Your Pick!

Are you putting any parts of your life on hold? If so why?

I haven’t gone out much in a year. Even before that I haven’t gone out much so that would be about 1.6 years or so. There was that one visit to cut my hair and have lunch with a couple of beers with my cousin back in February. Other than that I have only been out for hospital visits. Speaking of haircuts, I badly need a haircut now.

Yeah I am balding so I don’t get my hair cut more than a couple of times a year! Sue me! It’s a nice evening today, so I guess I will listen to some music. Back to the question/prompt at hand. My social life is almost zero at this point, unless you add social media and chats and replies. I haven’t been to see relatives or friends with that lone exception. My sister and niece do come frequently to see my parents and I. A couple of cousins have visited on their vacation to India from the Gulf. And that’s about it.

I have a 3 day weekend coming up and I hope to go out on the Sunday and get some beer and lunch at a bar. I also need that haircut. Things have become so comfortable staying indoors that I have taken it for granted that I will stay in and have everything delivered to me. I must change that or else life will be very boring indeed.