What A Futuristic World Has In Store For Pets & Pet Owners

I really hate the circle of life and death. Which is why in the fictional world I have created, much in the future where science and technology is so advanced that we have eliminated poverty, thirst, hunger, homelessness and all accidents and diseases as our technology helps us to avoid them no matter what. In this fictional world I imagine it is a few 1000 years later. Now, I have talked about humans, but what about dogs & cats or other pets?

The way I look at it, the death of a beloved pet can be equally as devastating as that of a human loved one, sometimes more. And when I say more it is because they love us unconditionally and they can’t speak to us to tell them that they are ill or in pain and when they pass away, it always breaks our hearts. So in this fictional world, that is not a problem. When someone gets a dog or a cat, the first thing is a device is inserted into them so they understand most of your commands. Like to stay back as it is dangerous or don’t stray out of our yard. You know, just those kind of things. So that puppies & kitten don’t get lost or run away by accident.

Also they can tell us when they feel ill so we can administer the medicine to fix them up. Oh and they live a lot longer, much longer so yay! So bring home the cat and dog and make them part of the family. When they are young you can place them in specialized bed that are almost like cribs and with a technology built in to make them sleep the whole night through without waking you up. Also toilet training them will be a breeze and they also won’t eat anything that you have not designated as their food due to this advanced technology that imprints your commands onto their brains. Also based on the age of the owner, the pets will also live as long as you do.

Some Facts About The 2022 World Cup & The 6 Groups

The biggest sporting event on this planet, the World Cup, is almost upon us. The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be held in the Middle East for the first time in history and Qatar is the host country of the competition. The Middle East’s most iconic nation will host a month-long carnival with the tournament starting in the winter of 2022. ¬†This 2022 edition of the competition will be the first winter world cup in the Northern Hemisphere. Initially, the world cup usually took place in the summer in the southern hemisphere as this is the time in which the region experiences winter conditions. Still the temperature during the day will be high and therefore all eight stadiums will be fully air-conditioned, providing fans with a comfortable viewing experience.

However, things get tough when it comes to Qatar. Located in the Middle East, Qatar experiences extremely high temperatures that can reach up to 50 degrees celsius. Under such conditions, hosting any kind of world cup is almost impossible. The 2022 World Cup will start on November 21, 2021 and end with the final scheduled for December 18, 2021. Another interesting fact about the upcoming 2022 world cup in Qatar is the amount the host country is spending in preparation for this event. As per estimates, Qatar spent 200 billion US dollars on infrastructure projects which include the construction of stadiums, roads, hotels and so on. This will make the Qatar World Cup one of the most expensive world cups in history.

Another unique fact about the upcoming world cup in Qatar is the number of stadiums. Only eight stadiums are prepared by Qatar to host FIFA 2022 which is the lowest number of venues for a world cup in recent years. In fact, of the eight venues selected to host the tournament, only one was completely renovated while the other seven were built from scratch. Since the size of this country is very small, traveling from one place to another here is not a big problem. Host cities such as Doha, Lusail, Al Wakrah and Al Rayyan are located close to each other. Therefore, moving from one place to another will not be a big problem for travelers.