Yet Another 3 Day Weekend Thanks To Diwali

We got another 3 day weekend people, woohoo!!! Well I had some plans for this 3 day weekend bu the stupid elevator in my building has played spoilsport. The elevator has been down for 2 weeks now if you included today. It took them a week to diagnose the issue, realized parts need to be replaced as well as wiring, found out that parts had to be shipped here from who knows where and that they could start work only this Tuesday.

So they did and they finally have finished it late this evening. However they do need a few more things to be done but tomorrow is Sunday and Monday being Diwali, it is a public holiday. Hence they will be back only by Tuesday. Tuesday the final things can be done and we can ask them to close the case. Hopefully we will not need them anymore for a few years other than quarterly maintenance checks. I will have to buy some food and drinks tomorrow.

Monday I am planning on going to get a haircut and finally perhaps some beer. I called my cousin this morning, who wanted to hang out tomorrow but I told him I wasn’t sure about the elevator and also I was battling a bad cold. I am all better now so I will try to meet him on Monday if the bars will be open. Otherwise I still have to get a haircut and maybe some lunch outside in a restaurant. I am aching for some time away from the home.

Do I Have Any Rituals That Give Me Comfort?

Do you have any small rituals that give you comfort? What are they?

I won’t call them as rituals but they are almost like them. My morning coffee is a very important thing for me. Getting that first cup and bringing it over to my bedroom and placing it on the coaster I have just for that, going online and checking Facebook and watching the day’s first Youtube videos from my subscription list – that is an enjoyable feeling and also part of getting myself awake and ready to face the day.

Other than that I do not have any rituals. I do day dream a lot and those day dreams are part of my survival tactics in life. Perhaps other things could be considered as rituals – like listening to some of my favourite music and letting the sounds envelop my body and senses and getting lost in the notes and lyrics. If that isn’t some kind of ritual, I don’t know what else is.

Having thought about it a bit more perhaps when I go to bed at night I have this ritual. I check on my parents – if they are asleep then I don’t disturb them. Usually my mom stays up late, watching tv and then on her phone she watches videos. I check on them and then get my bottle of water filled, keep my bed ready and watch tv until I need to sleep. Then I drift off in my dreams and fantasies as sleep takes over me.

Prompt from 31 Best October Journal Prompts for 2022 from