Earliest Memories

What is your earliest memory?

I’ve written before about two earlier memories that I am particular fond off and these are the two that I remember – one from age 3 and the other at age 4. Those are are far back as I can remember. And having blogged about it, as long as I maintain this blog, I can easily remember these two incidents until the rest of the life. I am 46 now so not sure how many years I will maintain this blog but yeah I would love to keep it till I die.

As for other memories from the age of 4 – I remember going to a play school that a couple of former school teachers were conducting from their home in the same building as my family lived. Along with a few other kids I was sent to learn a few things and play with some educational toys back then. I think age 4 would be right. I can barely remember any of the people in the group, just what my mother later told me about the two ladies.

It’s a shame that we couldn’t record all the thing that happened to us back then. Other than a physical journal we didn’t have much of an option. For us it was a few years away from getting good working camcorders but we didn’t have the internet or apps and smartphones to make it easy for us.

Prompt from 31 October Prompts At Journal Buddies