How To Make Your Morning Habits Affect You In A Positive Way

What morning habits help you have a good day?

Some simple things. If I get up early but I don’t feel too tired or sleepy then that is a really good start to the day. I want to be able to have had enough rest but I don’t want to oversleep and wake up late, which means that I will have less time to do things the rest of the day. So earlyish wake up is a good thing and step one.

Big cup of coffee as soon as I brush my teeth? Yes. Even better? A second big cup of coffee later on the morning will make things a whole lot brighter and make me feel more awake. A nice breakfast – I like a lighter breakfast; just some peanut butter on toast or some vegan garlic mayo on toast. A solid morning listening to music as I eat my breakfast and enjoy my coffee. Watch some Youtube videos and debates and have a relaxing morning.

Other than that I don’t think I need much to have a good day. I usually take a shower later on in the day. But yeah if I can get a nice shave and a shower in the morning, then it will be a really refreshing start to the day.

Prompt from Daily Journaling Prompts for October at Krafty Planner

Dead Target : Editor’s Choice & My Addiction

Yet another zombie killing game? After randomly selecting and downloading Last Hope 3 : Sniper Zombie War in the beginning of the month, I have now downloaded two more and playing them whenever I get some free time and I am not working. The first one is Dead Target, which is an editor’s choice on Google PLayStore.

Dead Target – is a free offline games 2021 is an addictive shooting game with fps themes! An easy control system that brings you a perfect shooting time killer adventure, remember it is an offline game. Keep your defense up, your finger on the trigger, and shoot evil zombies in DEAD TARGET.

In 2040, the zombie apocalypse began. A sniper team was hired to head to the warfare, collect guns & save residential areas! These could be your last days on Earth, your last hope as a resident surviving is to join them. Fight for survival in a zombie apocalypse with shooting games. If you don’t want to be a dead resident, don’t deny your duty, try your best to aim in these free gun games!

This offline fps game is one of the shooting games where you can:

– Kill evil zombies with legendary 3D fps weapons
– Upgrade guns and snipers to face up to non-stop zombie attacks
– Experience 3D shooting as an accurate fps engine
– Into the dead, slay zombies of all evil types

If you haven’t downloaded it till now, try it and be addicted like I am, LOL!