5 Ways You Can Help Your Local Animal Shelter If You Can’t Volunteer Or Foster/Adopt

XX Ways You Can Help Your Local Shelter, Even If You Can’t Volunteer: National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week: 2-8

1. You Can Help Shelters by Transporting Animals

Transport rescued animals to their foster homes. In the last decade hundreds of thousands of dogs have been transported from U.S. shelters to rescue organizations. Many rescues take in shelters dog from rural areas, and many are located in the southern states. Shelters in rural areas often have low foot traffic and a large pet overpopulation problem which leads to their high kill rates. Volunteers drive to these shelters and transport the animals back to their foster homes or new owner.  If you’re interested in being an animal transporter you can find many resources online for animal rescue organizations in your area.

2. Donate Items to Your Local Shelter

You can donate to local rescues or shelters. Money is always needed but there are so many other items that are needed and appreciated. Some of the most common needed items at shelters include:

  • Towels

  • Chains

  • Leashes

  • Toys

  • Brushes

  • Beds

  • Food & dishes

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Newspapers

Many shelters have their donation policies listed, and many include a list of items they need most. Find a local shelter near you and see if there’s any items you can help out with. Policies vary on whether or not they accept gently used items and/or food items.

3. Buy Items on a Shelter’s Wishlist

Most animal shelters & rescues have links to their wishlists on their website. Amazon wishlists are common,  and they provide a list of the items they need which you can sort by order of importance. Amazon wishlists include the shelters address which means you don’t have to ship any items yourself; they’ll go right from Amazon to your local shelter. You can buy items for your local rescue without even leaving your living room.

4. Help By Taking Photos of Adoptable Pets

If you have some photography skills you can help animals in need by taking adoption photos for local shelters. Most people find search for pets on pages like petfinder, and with a great profile picture animals have a much greater chance of being adopted.

5. Network Shelter Pets on Social Media

If you have some graphic design, social media, or web design skills offer those skills to a local rescue. They rely on word of mouth to network their animals, and the internet is usually the first place potential adopters start their search.

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How To Relax And Watch Movies/TV

What is your preferred method of watching movies? I know some people cannot sit in a regular chair and need to sit in an easy chair or with their feet up and only then can they really enjoy a movie properly. I am the same way. So for the longest time at home (at our old house in Thrikkakara) I used to either lie on the sofa or on the carpet that was right in front of the tv. Usually I would get a pillow from one of the bedrooms and lie down in front of the tv and chillax on the carpet and watch football or tv shows or movies.

By the time I was 20 I got a mattress that I could easily move from the bedroom in the ground floor, which was the guest bedroom but where my parents would later start using as their room, in the night and in the morning I could move it back and prop it up against a wall. I would use this mattress as my bed, placing it on top of the carpet and yes, right in front of the tv. Usually I would watch tv from 9pm till I fell asleep. When I started working at Escotel/Idea I usually would do a 3 pm till 12 am and reach back home in 25 minutes or so. I would watch tv and spend some time with my dog Shawny who would also be waiting for me and lie near the door as I watched tv.

It continue throughout so I can now mostly only watch tv while lying on my bed (I can no longer sleep on the floor due to my obese frame). I usually watch my tv shows and movies from the comfort of my bed, wrapped up in my sheets usually. Some times I have sat on m chair and watched football games or even a few episodes of a show or the odd movie but I prefer to relax in bed.