Dominos India Finally Starts Delivery To My Area

So last year in December I wrote  about my frustration with Dominos India. While I am living near the heart of the city, they wouldn’t deliver to me. Not because I was living far away – they wouldn’t deliver to my place via their app or if you call them or via the delivery apps Swiggy & Zomato.

At that time my apartment was 3.6 kms away from one outlet & 4.1 km from another as per Google maps. Note I am less than 5kms away and yet they won’t deliver to this area. Which I found ridiculous. I can understand if they can only deliver within 2 to 3 kms if it was their own staff and they have a corporate given restriction but even with3rd party delivery services they wouldn’t do it. And yet I can get food from other places 10kms away! Only they restrict this stupidly.

There were other fast food restaurants that were in the same area or further away yet they would still deliver via the delivery services. But not Dominos. And truth be told the local pizza places are mostly all better than Dominos & Pizza Hut but also mostly more expensive. And brands like Pizza Hut & Dominos will give discounts via their own apps. But finally I can now get pizza from Dominos delivered to me because – they started a new outlet which is just 2 kms away from me.

I meant to write this blog earlier but I forgot so now finally I can get some. I ordered some on the 27th of last month but it skipped my mind to write about this. Anyways, I am happy and I hope this outlet stays open for a long, long time.