Not At All What I Imagined It To Be

Is your life what you imagined?

Not at all. I never imagine when I was younger that I would ever be a lonely 46 year old who is overweight and sad. I never imagined that I would have the health issues that I have and be afraid of going out even if it is just to go get a haircut and have a lunch out with a friend. I never imagined that my life would be mostly confirmed within the four walls of a bedroom in a smallish apartment that I share with my aged parents.

Job wise it has been stuck in a rut as well since the past 7 years and I am feeling burned out and frustrated with things at the office. I find myself getting pissed off more and more with the utter nonsense that they expect us to do and each year it just keeps piling up and I’ve kinda reached the end of my tether. It is high time that I look out for something else.

I hope to find something else soon, something that will left me work permanently from home, or my issues to clear up right away. I can’t go on like this for much longer as I feel depressed and tired. My only escape is the music and music that I watch and the dreams that I have.

Prompt from November Journal Prompts + Printable at Live Of Lovely

Facts About The Samosa

Origins are not Indian : Yes, this might leave you disappointed, but the roots of your favourite Samosa can be traced back to the 10th century, where it was known as Samsa, which was a popular dish in the Iranian plateau, Middle East region. Initially, the dish was made by stuffing meat and this recipe traveled through countries like Egypt, Libya, Central Asia, wherein it was named as Sanbusak, Sanbusaq and Sanbusaj. Experts believe that it was during the rule of invaders in Delhi Sultanate, when this recipe made its way to the royal kitchen and gradually to the locals in different variations.

Meant for the royals : According to ancient scriptures, during the 13th century Samosa was only meant for the royal families and elites of Arab and Middle Eastern countries. This dish was relished during special suppers and was considered to be a possession of royal families.

International Day of Samosa : If you thought that you are the only one who loves Samosas, then you would be amazed to know that the fan following of this desi snack is such that there is a special day dedicated to it! Yes, there’s a World Samosa Day celebrated on 5th of September to celebrate the taste and love for this wonderful snack.

Why triangle : Have you ever wondered why Samosa got this shape? It was believed that the shape of this stuffed delicacy has a striking similarity to Pyramids, this was the reason why it was named as Samsa linking it to the Egyptian Pyramids.

Origins are not veg : In Northern & central parts of India it is mostly known that the samosa has a spicy potato stuffing with peanuts and peas, but you will be amazed to know that Samosa was initially made by stuffing meat, nuts, pistachios, spices and herbs inside a dough pocket, which was deep fried and served with dips and sauces. I guess the Kerala samosas are most like the traditional type. Mutton, chicken, beef are very common down South. Infact I almost never eat the veg style.