If I Had $182 Billion To Spend

You wake up and realise that in a Metamorphosis-style twist of fate, you’ve turned into Jeff Bezos. You’ve got £136b ($182b) to splash- how do you spend it?

If I suddenly find myself to come into that much wealth – hold on, I can’t fathom that much math. Let me see $182 billion is 1,49,90,52,10,00,000.00 Indian Rupees. That many zeros. Holy crud, I can’t even imagine that much money.

Anyways, back to the prompt. Here is what I would do. No more working ofcourse. No work or office or business except for some investments and some shares and all that jazz. Retired is what I am. Then I will get all my relatives – dad, mom, sis, bil, nephews and niece, uncles, aunts and first cousins and their kids and buy this big ole palace. Imagine a huge palace with lots and lots of luxuries in each and every room. Make them into suites for everybody. Everyone gets a bunch of money and we all stay in this palace.

And we will all have the best that life can offer and go on expensive night outs and party in the palace. I will arrange a luxury cruise ship just for us so we can go to see all the places we want to and enjoy life. And you are not invited.

Prompt from 31 Writing Prompts for January 2021 | For Medium, Blogs and More at Lyucu.Medium.com

Science Fiction Should Become Science Fact

Jan 2 – Science Fiction Day – Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, science or not – is this something that you can write about? Maybe myths and ‘fake news’ that plague your industry? Or have you ‘boldly gone where no-one has ever gone before’? Think laterally and you’ll be surprised what you can come up with. #sciencefictionday

Regular readers will know for sure that I have a deep love for space and science fiction and especially Star Trek. I would love to live in an era where space exploration is done as easily as it is in the fictional 24th century in Star Trek. Heck, let’s go even further and say that it will be even easier. It should be as easy as you getting in your car and traveling from one city to another city.

Although I have different scenarios of this fictional universe that I dreamed up and I wish that we all lived in, I will tell you about just the simplest and sweetest one. One in which I and my late beloved Golden Retriever Shawny are both alive and well and we are traveling in a small starship with a very advanced robot who helps keep us safe and runs the operations of the ships. And our job is to go to various alien planets and beat up the bad aliens and rescue the good ones who need our help. We have so many adventures on our travels and are kept invincible due to a very complicated safety shield that covers our ship as well as the spacesuit we wear.

The other dreams are me as the captain of a StarFleet like ship and a big crew as we patrol the galaxy. Or a smaller ship with just a smaller crew of say 10. Or a large team of a motley crew of citizens who all band together to do good across the star systems in the furthest parts of the galaxy. Or a pleasure cruise across the stars with my extended family. Whichever it is, it’s a lot of fun and Shawny is ever by my side in each. But the simplest one is the one in which it is just me and Shawny and our robot. After all when it comes down to it, it’s as innocent & special as a boy and his dog!

Prompt from 40 Social Media And Blog Post Ideas For January 2021 at SquareMedia.Solutions