Trying To Give Up Sugar Is Not Easy At All

A new month means new beginnings. Tells us, what are you letting go of? Negative emotions, a caffeine habit or sugar addiction?

Sugar! It is hard and I haven’t given it up completely but yeah sugar. But I should say that it is mostly when I am at home and it is also much easier for me to not use sugar for my coffee and tea and instead use sugar free.

However at the office it is very difficult to maintain and as much as I try I can’t bring myself to drink coffee or tea without any sugar. I can’t drink that. But I manage by instead drinking lime juice or pineapple juice without adding sugar. So when I go to the counter I ask them to skip the sugar and drink those. When I must have coffee I do take it with sugar as they don’t use sugar free.

At home if I drink 2 -3 cups of either tea or coffee I am happy to say that I do not use sugar at all. The only sugar I take is from the fruits that I consume – usually bananas, apples and oranges.

Prompt from 31 Blog Post Ideas for the month of March at The Frangipani Initiative