Five Fruits You Should Be Eating In April

Lychee : It can be consumed in fresh, dried, and canned form. Reduces high blood pressure and has anti-cancer activities. It Prevent liver diseases. It contains antioxidants and prevents diabetes too. It is a summer fruit and if you are getting it in any other season it is probably the one of cold storage.

Pineapple : They take almost 18-24 months to harvest and are eaten best in summers. It contains enzymes which ease the digestion, also ease the symptom of arthritis, it also contain disease fighting antioxidants. Make sure you not consume then in any other season than summer.

Mango : Mango being the most popular and favorite throughout the world, is the one which is grown artificially the most. It provides many health benefits like lowers the risk of cancer, good for digestive and heart health. Avoid eating them on empty stomach. No doubt being a summer crop should only be eaten during April-July.

Watermelon : They are rich in amino acid named which promotes movement of blood through body. High in water content keeps body hydrated and soothes the skin also is easy to digest. It is a summer crop which comes from month April-July.

Apricot : They might be small in size but big in terms of flavor and nutrition. They promote healthy vision and provide protection to skin. It is a good source antioxidant that protect against inflammation along with reducing risk of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. It can be consumed during April- September.

Scariest Places In The World : Nahanni Valley Aka The Valley Of The Headless Men

The Nahanni Valley is a vast expanse of land in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The Nahanni Valley is a region in Nahanni National Park, in the Dehcho region of the Northwest Territories, about 500 kilometres west of Yellowknife. It’s a huge, remote and inhospitable area that you can only visit by plane or boat. It’s well known for the South Nahanni River and four 3,000+ foot canyons, called First, Second, Third and Fourth Canyons respectively, which line the river. It has some of the most diverse landforms in the country, with canyons, caves, tufa mounds and a waterfall twice the height of Niagara Falls all in the valley.

Animals thrive here too, given its remote location and general absence of humans. Bears, wolves, bison, caribou, owls and even the elusive wolverine all call the Nahanni home, within the mountains, plains, spruce and aspen forests of this massive area. It’s a land of jagged mountains, harsh forests and eerie fogs – a place steeped in supernatural lore and mystery, best reflected in its better-known moniker: ‘Valley of Headless Men’. The Dene people who lived in the Nahanni for at least 10,000 years prior to the arrival of European explorers in the late 18th century had long spoken of mythical creatures, hidden tropical gardens and rivers that should be avoided at all costs. There may be good reasons for that. At least four headless bodies have turned up in the Nahanni Valley since the early 1900s.

There are at least five mysteries tied to the Nahanni Valley, but the most famous and likely the one you’ve heard, is the mystery of the headless bodies. That’s where the Nahanni gets its rather creepy moniker ‘Valley of the Headless Bodies’. People have vanished here, be they explorers, miners, plane pilots and others who simply dared set foot in this foreboding region. More abstract, however, is the Nahanni’s reputation as being a place of evil, where men disappear after going downstream, tribes mysteriously vanish without a trace, giants that cook meals in the valley’s hot spring, and harbingers of doom when that spring is empty.