Cutting Out Coke, Pepsi, 7Up, Sprite & The Like

Challenge yourself to do something for a set period of time (ex: avoid TV, cut out soda), then write about your experience.

When it comes to soda – 7up, Coke, Pepsi & Sprite and maybe the occasional Mountain Dew if there is nothing else – I love them all. I used to drink a lot of them – when I went outside, if I was thirsty I would pick a Pepsi or a 7up. When I went out for lunch or dinner, me and even people I was with at the time would pick a Pepsi or Coke or something to drink while we ate.

Pepsi / Coke especially go well with most fast food. Burgers, hot dogs, pizza or fried chicken just are aching for them drinks to wash down the food in your throat and also quench your thirst at well. Anytime I was thirsty, I wished I had one of these at home. So as I grew older, I did order some to keep in the fridge. Like the 1 or 2 litres Coke or Pepsi or 7up bottles. I even went to Sugarless Coke for a while. But I have been staying away from them for quite a while.

Since October of 2021 I have only had a handful of “sodas”. I gave them up for the most part but will indulge once in a while. I prefer to drink juices instead. A couple of times at the office during lunch I have picked a 600ml bottle of 7up or Pepsi since I couldn’t find any juice that I liked. Or if I was in a hurry. I don’t miss them that much at all. And if I do then I will get 1 but it will rare that I do.

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