What I Wouldn’t Give For A New Place To Live In

If you had unlimited resources to solve a given problem, what would you do?

My problem – I wouldn’t say that it is a big problem actually – is that I would like to move apartments. Sell my current apartment and move to a new one. It doesn’t have to be actually a new one, as in a newly built building, but an older one that has more amenities and options for us and most importantly more space.

Our apartment is a very old one and it’s smaller than most 3 bedroom apartments. It’s downright drab next to better looking apartments. We only have 1 elevator and if it is down, it’s a 7 stairs cases climb for us. Which we avoid. That and some other issues. It would be good to move out and sell this one. I hope we can do that someday.

But if I had the resources and not have to worry, I would buy the new one, move my parents and myself in and then sell this one. Without having to take a loan or anything!

What Lesson Have I Learned From My First Job

What are some lessons you learned from your first job that are still relevant now?

My first – I actually can’t say it was a real job as it was freelance sales and I only stayed with it for a few weeks. Someone informed my sister that this business that dealt with computer accessories and, at then new to us, dial-up modems for connecting to the internet. This was way back in 1997 and I was all of just turning 21.

So I took a small training from them – this place was also where I first went online – and then got some cards from them and some brochures and went to some businesses in the main part of the city and pitched the idea for them to buy our modems. Most of these businesses didn’t have an internet connection and at that time they did not use the internet. I found myself getting roadblocked at most places, mainly because I was green and didn’t have a modem with me to give them a demo. However I did get myself being welcomes nicely at this one place where a friend of mine had a relative working.

So I got a go ahead that they would take one provided they get a demo. This was good, so I called the business and arranged for a demo to be done. A couple of days later, when I went to their office, the lady who ran the business said “Oh we had already met them earlier and so this one doesn’t count as one of your sales”. Because otherwise, she would need to pay me Rs. 1000. I was disappointed, and I was about to tell her about the relative of my friend who invited me to go there, but I avoid confrontation, especially at that age, and bit my tongue. I never went back to them again.

The lesson I learned is that people are willing to do and say anything to screw you over. And that is very true at every level and in every business and it holds true today.

Prompt from 130 Blog Post Ideas (and a Process to Find More Topics) at WordPress.com