Do You Use Twitter?

I used to be a lot more involved in Twitter back in the day. And when I say back in the day from the years of 2009-till 2017. I was quite active with many fellow Indian Twitter users in the state and especially the ones from Cochin. We used to have a few Tweetups in cafes around the city and I used to join them for a latte and a chat. Those were the days man. I made quite a few friends in and around the state and I still have quite a few friends from those days.

Since then I usually go on Twitter only when there are football games that I am watching and I look for comments and reactions and I give my own as well. I’ve bee doing that since the 2014 World Cup. And for so long, all I did on Twitter were the automatic Tweets from my blog posts – every time I posted on my blog, my connected Twitter app would tweet the link along with the title of the post and every week I would also share a few Youtube videos that I felt just had to share. But I wasn’t even checking Tweets by the people I follow for the longest time.

Nowadays, there’s a lot of porn stars and online nude models who send you a lot of stuff and well I do take a gander here and there. My old Tweeps and the newer ones, mostly who follow me for the football related tweets, are fun but the overall Twitter thing is a shit show. It’s terrible out there so I stick to my small circles.

Prompt from Over 1,000 Writing Prompts for Students at The New York Times Learning Network