Do Your Television Viewing Habits Include ‘Binge-Watching’?

At times. Usually it is a kind of show that is either very new or one that I haven’t watched yet, even though it’s been a few years since they last aired/were released. I kinda like a bit of variety in my tv watching and hence I like watching episodes of 2 to 4 shows every week. But sometimes I really get into a show, even if I have watched it before, and stick to that one show for several days. Like Stargate Atlantis or Star Trek Enterprise – these are two shows that I enjoy binge watching several episodes at a time but I have already watched it a few times before.

Some shows like CSI or CSI Miami I have binged several episodes days on end. And I think during the times that I have watched them, I wasn’t really watching any other shows. Supernatural is another one as was Flashpoint. When I was laid up due to illness I did binge sitcoms like either Friends or Corner Gas and I remember back in 2019 when I tore my ankle muscles on one foot as well as fractured the big toe on another, I binged Full House as it was a show that I hadn’t watched since it’s first airing on cable tv many, many years ago.

But other than those, I would only binge shorted season series like on Disney Plus, Amazon Prime that is all the rage these days because it’s more serialized rather than episodic. It makes it easier to binge watch as you need to get to the end to feel like you have watched something.

Prompt from Over 1,000 Writing Prompts for Students at The New York Times Learning Network