Some Fun Facts About Cappuccinos

A cappuccino is a classic espresso and milk drink. It starts with a bottom layer of one or two espresso shots, with a second layer of steamed milk on top, followed by a thick layer of foam which gives it a luxurious velvety texture.

Originated in Italy, cappuccino consist of 100ā€“140ml of fresh whole milk, expertly frothed and poured in equal measures of liquid and milk foam over 25ā€“30ml of espresso contained in a 150ā€“200ml cup at a temperature of 60Ā°ā€“65Ā°C.

  1. Inspired by a ā€œCapuchin friarā€ named Marco Dā€™Aviano, cappuccino frequented a Viennese coffee house at the end of the 17th century.
  2. The quality of your Cappuccino depends on the quality of the espresso, as espresso is the essential element of a cappuccino.
  3. Cappuccino is originated from Italians and is now the most consumable espresso-based milk coffee across the world.
  4. In Italy, people only drink cappuccino during breakfast time.
  5. Italian engineer Achille Gaggia patented the first modern espresso machine in 1938, making today’s Cappuccino.
  6. Cappuccino usually should be one-third of milk foam, one-third of milk and one-third of coffee.
  7. Classic cappuccinos earlier being served with elements sprinkled are ginger, cinnamon or cocoa powder.
  8. The correct temperature for a cappuccino shouldnā€™t be more than 65-70 degrees. This is the perfect temperature for getting a lovely silky milk texture and the natural sweetness of protein in the milk.
  9. The person who makes an excellent cappuccino is known as a ā€œBaristaā€. Itā€™s an Italian term for coffee maker.
  10. Every year, the world championship for the best cappuccino happens in London.

2022-2023 Leicester City, Leeds United & Southampton Get Relegated

AnotherĀ Premier League season has entered the history books following the conclusion of eight months of drama. TheĀ relegation battle went down to the final day of the season, with three clubs scrapping it out to extend their stay in the top flight of English football. Everton,Ā LeicesterĀ andĀ LeedsĀ started the day hoping to play in the same league next season as the three clubs who have been recently promoted to the Premier League from theĀ Championship.

Leicester have gone from being Premier League champions to the Championship in seven years. Their fate was sealed on the final day of the season despite beating West Ham 2-1, finishing two points behind Everton who themselves beat Bournemouth to stay in the division. So much has happened at the club in those intervening years that the journey from A to B could never really be a straight line. Their deeply loved chairman Khun Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha was killed in a helicopter crash outside their stadium. A training complex was built at a cost of Ā£100m. The tourism-based businesses owned by the clubā€™s owners suffered a severe downturn as a result of the pandemic. They came within touching distance of qualifying for the Champions League in two successive seasons. They won the FA Cup. By the last day of the season they were dependant on Everton slipping up to have any chance of survival but it was not to be.

Three seasons after Marcelo Bielsa gloriously returned the West Yorkshire outfit to the top flight after a 16-year absence, Leeds find themselves once again out of England’s elite. Leeds will also be playing Championship football next season after finishing five points behind the Toffees. Sam Allardyce had been appointed as manager last month but he was unable to save the Yorkshire club in his four matches in charge. Both Allardyce and the club as a wholeĀ in their own statementĀ apologised for the relegation that was confirmed by a 4-1 home loss to Tottenham, with Leeds also stating they are in a “strong position” to mount an immediate promotion bid.

Southampton finished rock bottom of the Premier League with a paltry 25 points, bringing an end to their 10-year stay in the top flight. After a sorry season that has seen them occupy one of the relegation spots since November 5, their 12th home defeat of the season against Fulham meant they will be playing in the second tier next season. They last suffered relegation from the Premier League in 2005 – it took them seven years to win promotion back after a period that also saw them relegated to League One. Three managers have occupied the St Mary’s hot-seat this season and none of them have managed more than three league wins with Ralph Hasenhuttl, Nathan Jones and Ruben Selles all failing to find a winning formula at the club. Southampton are a football club burdened by trouble and strife. It has been that way since their European zenith under Ronald Koeman – an extension of the fine work Mauricio Pochettino had undertaken in the two seasons before his arrival.