The 2023 Stanley Cup Final : We Will Have A First Time Winner No Matter What

The Stanley Cup playoffs – I have missed most of it, only following a little bit. I didn’t realize that the final has started. Ā TheĀ Vegas Golden Knights are taking on the Florida Panthers in a battle between the top seed in the West and the lowest seed in the East. That may seem like a lopsided series, but the Panthers have looked like anything but a No. 8 seed in the postseason. Florida took down theĀ Boston Bruins, the Stanley Cup favorites, in the first round before going 8-1 against theĀ Toronto Maple LeafsĀ andĀ Carolina Hurricanes in the next two rounds.

The Golden Knights were one of the favorites to win the West, and they’ve played like one. Vegas rolled through Winnipeg in the first round and defeated theĀ Edmonton OilersĀ in the second round. The Golden Knights took a 3-0 lead on theĀ Dallas Stars in the conference final, but the Stars clawed their way back for a couple wins before Vegas slammed the door with an emphatic Game 6 win. Both teams have looked worthy of the Stanley Cup through the first three rounds, but only one of them can win it all now. No matter who wins, we will have a first time Cup winner.

I Am A Grande Boy

It’s time to accept it, I am a basic bitch! Hehehe, I am a Starbucks Grande boy. The last couple of months has seen me going to the Starbucks in Vennala, which I think is their newest outlet in Cochin, several times. Usually after work and when I need a sweet pick-me-up after the working day is done and if I have time, I will head to that particular Starbucks and order me a frappuccino and let the sweet liquid take the day’s toil away fro me.

And their Caramel Frappuccino is my current favourite drink. These Starbucks Caramel Frappuccinos are delicious and despite the sweet caramel, overall it isn’t overpoweringly sweet. I love the combo taste of caramel and whipped cream. Considering its name, it’s has an obvious caramel-like taste. CheatSheet describes the taste of a Caramel Frap to be “the perfect blend of sweet and salty,” thanks to the mix of sweet Frappuccino Roast syrup and salty caramel syrup. Since a general consensus about the Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino is that the drink is not for people who don’t like sweet beverages, it comes as no surprise that a Caramel Frap has A LOT of sugar.

It’s ok to have it a few times in a year but I wouldn’t want to go to Starbucks on a daily basis for frappuccinos. But when I feel that craving, I will definitely try to go to one of them and enjoy a sweet beverage in the evening.