Saturday Is Good For Recovering From A Work Week

Well it is getting harder and harder to recover from a week of working the late evening shift. After more than 2.5 months of me working a morning / regular shift moving to the evening shift from 2 weeks ago is taking a toll on my sleep. I need more time to sleep and rest up after I wake up than I used to and that is ofcourse because I am getting older.

Today I woke up a little before 9 am but after a visit to the loo I went back to sleep till almost 11 am. I had my coffee and my breakfast and didn’t do anything other than play songs on my computer until 1pm. I had to buy some groceries for home and I ordered them online and went to collect them from downstairs. My family and I had lunch at 2:15 pm and then I went to lie down and watch the lastest episodes of Star Trek : Strange New Worlds and The Blacklist and then it as time for evening tea. The three of us had our tea with biscuits and cashews.

I kept watching music videos/live stuff on Youtube and took a hot shower by 6:45 pm. I then spent the rest of the evening catching up on vlogs and then ordered some grilled chicken and kuboos with garlic sauce for our dinner. Once it arrived, I set the table with the plates and served my mum & dad. Post dinner, I was back online until 10 pm when I shot two movie reviews and now I am typing up this post and I will go to bed soon. That’s about it for this Saturday!

14 Facts About The Sony Walkman

1. 50,000 Units sold in the first two months of its release.

2. 385 Million Units sold between 1979 and 2009, the year before the name was retired.

3. 200 Million Walkman units that were cassette players; the remainder were either CD, Mini-Disc, MP3 players, or smartphones.

4. 199 Dollars, the original retail price of the first Sony Walkman model upon release.

5. 738 Dollars, the cost of the original Sony Walkman converted to 2019 dollars.

6. 799 Dollars, the cost of this refurbished TPS-L2 on Etsy.

7. 3,199 Dollars, the cost of the most expensive model in Sony’s current high-end audio digital Walkman series.

8. 30 Percent increase in the number of people who claimed to walk for exercise during the products’ peak sales years of 1987 to 1997.

9. 14 Ounces, the approximate weight of the TPS-L2. An Apple iPhone X weighs 6.14 ounces.

10. 300 Different models of Walkmans made between 1979 and 2010… at minimum.

11. 50 The percent of the market share that Sony Walkman products owned in the portable music device category in 1989.

12. 2,000 Limited-edition silver-plated Walkmans made for the product’s 10th-year anniversary. Another silver-plated edition was created for its 20th birthday.

13. 90 Minutes, the typical, maximum amount of playback a cassette tape could perform and still offer quality music audio in 1979.

14. 1,980 Minutes, the maximum amount of playback the current WM1A Signature Series Walkman offers.