6 Delicious Fun Facts About Donuts

1. Over 10 billion doughnuts are made in the U.S. each year.

The American doughnut industry is huge, with numerous fast food chains dedicated to their production. Canada, meanwhile, produces fewer doughnuts (approximately 1 billion per year), but with its lower population, actually has the most doughnut shops per capita of any country in the world.

2. There are 10 people living in America with the last name “Doughnut” or “Donut.”

At least that was the total in 2011. It’s unclear whether “Doughnut” was their given last name, or whether they changed it out of passion for the pastry. Meanwhile, 13 people have the first name “Donut,” making it the 245,396th most popular name in the United States.

3. Washington Irving was the first writer to describe doughnuts in print.

Washington Irving, who is best known as the author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, described the pastry as “balls of sweetened dough, fried in hog’s fat, and called doughnuts, or olykoeks.” He is widely believed to be the first writer to wax poetic about these delicious concoctions.

4. Boston has the most doughnut shops per person.

Bostonians really love their doughnuts: The city has one doughnut shop for every 2480 people according to AdWeek.

5. The French used to call their doughnuts “nun’s farts.”

The airy fried dough fritters—slightly different from the American circular doughnut—are called pets de nonne in French, which translates to “nun’s farts.”

6. There’s some truth to the “cops love doughnuts” trope.

Back in the 1950s, police officers on the graveyard shift would stop by doughnut shops—which were among the few establishments open late—to do paperwork and have a snack. Eventually a reciprocal relationship developed: Doughnut shop owners welcomed the protection of police officers, and police officers liked having a place to chow down late at night, so the association stuck around.

The 2023 Stanley Cup Final : We Will Have A First Time Winner No Matter What

The Stanley Cup playoffs – I have missed most of it, only following a little bit. I didn’t realize that the final has started.  The Vegas Golden Knights are taking on the Florida Panthers in a battle between the top seed in the West and the lowest seed in the East. That may seem like a lopsided series, but the Panthers have looked like anything but a No. 8 seed in the postseason. Florida took down the Boston Bruins, the Stanley Cup favorites, in the first round before going 8-1 against the Toronto Maple Leafs and Carolina Hurricanes in the next two rounds.

The Golden Knights were one of the favorites to win the West, and they’ve played like one. Vegas rolled through Winnipeg in the first round and defeated the Edmonton Oilers in the second round. The Golden Knights took a 3-0 lead on the Dallas Stars in the conference final, but the Stars clawed their way back for a couple wins before Vegas slammed the door with an emphatic Game 6 win. Both teams have looked worthy of the Stanley Cup through the first three rounds, but only one of them can win it all now. No matter who wins, we will have a first time Cup winner.

I Am A Grande Boy

It’s time to accept it, I am a basic bitch! Hehehe, I am a Starbucks Grande boy. The last couple of months has seen me going to the Starbucks in Vennala, which I think is their newest outlet in Cochin, several times. Usually after work and when I need a sweet pick-me-up after the working day is done and if I have time, I will head to that particular Starbucks and order me a frappuccino and let the sweet liquid take the day’s toil away fro me.

And their Caramel Frappuccino is my current favourite drink. These Starbucks Caramel Frappuccinos are delicious and despite the sweet caramel, overall it isn’t overpoweringly sweet. I love the combo taste of caramel and whipped cream. Considering its name, it’s has an obvious caramel-like taste. CheatSheet describes the taste of a Caramel Frap to be “the perfect blend of sweet and salty,” thanks to the mix of sweet Frappuccino Roast syrup and salty caramel syrup. Since a general consensus about the Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino is that the drink is not for people who don’t like sweet beverages, it comes as no surprise that a Caramel Frap has A LOT of sugar.

It’s ok to have it a few times in a year but I wouldn’t want to go to Starbucks on a daily basis for frappuccinos. But when I feel that craving, I will definitely try to go to one of them and enjoy a sweet beverage in the evening.

8 Interesting And Weird Laws In India That Will Make You Go WTF! 

  1. Attempted suicide illegal, not if successful- section 309 of the Indian Penal Code makes sure that you are punished if you don’t do suicide right.

  2. ‘Many’ laws for drinking- the legal drinking age varies from state to state.

  3. One needs good teeth to become a motor vehicle inspector in Andhra Pradesh.

  4. The unlucky lottery- chancing upon unclaimed money, amounting to more than Rs. 11, and failing to report the same to the local authority might result in prosecution.

  5. The flying permit- the Indian aircraft act of 1934 considers a kite also to be an aircraft, thus making it necessary to get a permit to fly one.

  6. Ignoring mass action against locusts which demands all residents of Delhi to answer to the beat of a drum, might get you fined.

  7. Kapil Sibal’s censorship act- all offensive and provocative images from social media sites were banned to curb rape.

  8. Indian telegraph act, 1885- with the advent of the internet and social media, the use of telegraph and thus, this act has been rendered moot.

2022-2023 Burnley, Sheffield United & Luton Town Gets Promoted To The Premier League

Burnley have secured an immediate return to the Premier League for the 2023/24 season, earning automatic promotion after a one-year absence. The Clarets made sure of a top-two spot in the Championship after they beat Middlesbrough 2-1, thanks to goals from Ashley Barnes and Connor Roberts. It is a first-time return for Burnley, who were relegated last season. There will also be a return to the competition for former Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany, now manager at Turf Moor. The 2023/24 campaign will be Burnley’s ninth in the top flight, after first winning promotion in 2009. A seventh-place finish in 2017/18 remains their highest in the competition to date.

Sheffield United seals Premier League promotion with 2-0 win over West Brom. Sheffield will return to the Premier League after two seasons, having been relegated in the 2020-21 campaign in which it finished bottom of the table. With three games to spare after Wednesday’s 2-0 home victory over West Bromwich Albion ensured it will finish second in the Championship behind champion Burnley. The Blades will return to the Premier League after two seasons, having been relegated in the 2020-21 campaign in which it finished bottom of the table. Sheffield United, who were beaten by Manchester City in the FA Cup semi-finals last week, missed out on promotion last season after losing to Nottingham Forest in the playoffs.

Luton Town will play in the Premier League for the first time after beating Coventry City on penalties in Saturday’s Championship playoff final at Wembley Stadium, earning a return to England’s top flight after a 31-year absence. Luton completed the fairytale journey to the Premier League after securing a fourth promotion in 10 seasons, winning 6-5 in the shootout following a 1-1 draw. The Hatters will join Burnley and Sheffield United, who won automatic promotion as Championship winners and runners-up, in the next season of the first tier of the English football league system. Their club’s stadium, Kenilworth Road, will host top-flight football for the first time since 1992, when they were relegated from the Football League First Division.

3 Tips To Get Your Children Excited For Going Back To School

1. Do back to school shopping together

Shiny new shoes, glittery notepads and decorated binders are a great way to get your child motivated about going back to school. Take them along for back?to?school shopping with a shopping list and budget (older kids can take this opportunity to practise their maths skills). Going lunch shopping is a fun activity too – your child will love picking out the snacks they’d like to munch on for their first week of school. Having a little practice opening, closing and packing lunchboxes and schoolbags can also help with independence and making those crazy mornings less fraught.

2. Re-Decorate Their Homework Space

Let’s face it, homework isn’t the most fun activity around. But you can help your kids get excited about doing their schoolwork by ensuring that there is a designated space just for them. Whether it’s a desk in their room or a special area in the living room, create a space that’s imaginative and reflective of their personality. During the pandemic, we were distance learning, and what was normally their workspace became their school desks. Now that they’ve been back to school, it’s a homework space again, and I want them excited about it! I’ve let them each design and decorate the space so it’s a fun and educational area to focus and learn!

3. Share Your Love for Learning

Our kids—especially the little ones—follow by example. I love to talk to them about what they’re learning in class, but more importantly, I love to talk about my school experience. Whether it’s things I struggled with, my favorite classes, or books I loved, I think it’s so important to share our love for learning with our kids. With the kids going back to school, it’s more important than ever to share your love for learning! Take an active role in getting them excited about classes, assignments, homework, and more.

Would You Want Your Photo or Video to Go Viral?

Yes but for the right ways. Like I don’t want something to be controversial or funny at my expense or someone else’s expense. But yes I would like a pic or a video that I have taken to go viral. I would love that so much.

The one video that I have shot that has gotten a bunch of views – 103k to be exact. That video, which was shot back in September, 2019 is the unboxing and first impressions of this very same laptop that I am writing this post on. I got a bunch of likes and many, many comments on it and I love the feeling every time I check that video.

So yes I would like my videos to get much more views than I currently get. I want regular 1 million views in all the stuff that I choose to put out there, photos and videos. It feels good and ofcourse it pays off for you.

Prompt from Over 1,000 Writing Prompts for Students at The New York Times Learning Network

Some Fun Facts About Cappuccinos

A cappuccino is a classic espresso and milk drink. It starts with a bottom layer of one or two espresso shots, with a second layer of steamed milk on top, followed by a thick layer of foam which gives it a luxurious velvety texture.

Originated in Italy, cappuccino consist of 100–140ml of fresh whole milk, expertly frothed and poured in equal measures of liquid and milk foam over 25–30ml of espresso contained in a 150–200ml cup at a temperature of 60°–65°C.

  1. Inspired by a “Capuchin friar” named Marco D’Aviano, cappuccino frequented a Viennese coffee house at the end of the 17th century.
  2. The quality of your Cappuccino depends on the quality of the espresso, as espresso is the essential element of a cappuccino.
  3. Cappuccino is originated from Italians and is now the most consumable espresso-based milk coffee across the world.
  4. In Italy, people only drink cappuccino during breakfast time.
  5. Italian engineer Achille Gaggia patented the first modern espresso machine in 1938, making today’s Cappuccino.
  6. Cappuccino usually should be one-third of milk foam, one-third of milk and one-third of coffee.
  7. Classic cappuccinos earlier being served with elements sprinkled are ginger, cinnamon or cocoa powder.
  8. The correct temperature for a cappuccino shouldn’t be more than 65-70 degrees. This is the perfect temperature for getting a lovely silky milk texture and the natural sweetness of protein in the milk.
  9. The person who makes an excellent cappuccino is known as a “Barista”. It’s an Italian term for coffee maker.
  10. Every year, the world championship for the best cappuccino happens in London.

2022-2023 Leicester City, Leeds United & Southampton Get Relegated

Another Premier League season has entered the history books following the conclusion of eight months of drama. The relegation battle went down to the final day of the season, with three clubs scrapping it out to extend their stay in the top flight of English football. Everton, Leicester and Leeds started the day hoping to play in the same league next season as the three clubs who have been recently promoted to the Premier League from the Championship.

Leicester have gone from being Premier League champions to the Championship in seven years. Their fate was sealed on the final day of the season despite beating West Ham 2-1, finishing two points behind Everton who themselves beat Bournemouth to stay in the division. So much has happened at the club in those intervening years that the journey from A to B could never really be a straight line. Their deeply loved chairman Khun Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha was killed in a helicopter crash outside their stadium. A training complex was built at a cost of £100m. The tourism-based businesses owned by the club’s owners suffered a severe downturn as a result of the pandemic. They came within touching distance of qualifying for the Champions League in two successive seasons. They won the FA Cup. By the last day of the season they were dependant on Everton slipping up to have any chance of survival but it was not to be.

Three seasons after Marcelo Bielsa gloriously returned the West Yorkshire outfit to the top flight after a 16-year absence, Leeds find themselves once again out of England’s elite. Leeds will also be playing Championship football next season after finishing five points behind the Toffees. Sam Allardyce had been appointed as manager last month but he was unable to save the Yorkshire club in his four matches in charge. Both Allardyce and the club as a whole in their own statement apologised for the relegation that was confirmed by a 4-1 home loss to Tottenham, with Leeds also stating they are in a “strong position” to mount an immediate promotion bid.

Southampton finished rock bottom of the Premier League with a paltry 25 points, bringing an end to their 10-year stay in the top flight. After a sorry season that has seen them occupy one of the relegation spots since November 5, their 12th home defeat of the season against Fulham meant they will be playing in the second tier next season. They last suffered relegation from the Premier League in 2005 – it took them seven years to win promotion back after a period that also saw them relegated to League One. Three managers have occupied the St Mary’s hot-seat this season and none of them have managed more than three league wins with Ralph Hasenhuttl, Nathan Jones and Ruben Selles all failing to find a winning formula at the club. Southampton are a football club burdened by trouble and strife. It has been that way since their European zenith under Ronald Koeman – an extension of the fine work Mauricio Pochettino had undertaken in the two seasons before his arrival.