Bad Experiences On Air India, Often Said To Be The Worst Airline For India & Indians

I haven’t traveled international since the late 80s and I was a child back then. A few years ago I had to go to Delhi/Gurgaon from Kochi and my office booked an Air India flight for me. The plane felt like it was kept together by scotch tape and safety pins. The food was one half of a sandwich so cold, it must have been in the freezer, a box of juice and a tiny bottle of water. The airhostesses were my mom’s age and looked like they would scold me if I asked for anything, so I didn’t.

Earlier this year a UN DIplomat wrote about his flight on Air India as the worst flight experience ever. “As a UN diplomat, I’ve flown worldwide, but Air India 102 JFK to Delhi was my worst flight experience: broken seats, no entertainment/call buttons/reading lights, cockroaches! Poison spray. disregard for customer care,” the diplomat wrote on Twitter. It didn’t used to be like this – back in the 80s, when my family made quite a few international flights we loved them.

Also this year flight AI-112 made an emergency landing at the Jaipur airport on Sunday (June 25) because of bad weather conditions. The flight was scheduled to arrive in Delhi at 4 am. The flight later received clearance to resume the journey to Delhi however, the pilot refused to fly citing flight duty time limitations and duty hours. Taking to Twitter, Adit, one of the passengers, said on Sunday that passengers had not been assisted with any recourse to reaching their final destinations. And the saga seems to continue post 12 hours Air India! Still unorganised as ever. Passengers are hungry, tired, fatigued & frustrated with the inept service of what is meant to be a national airline.”

Another detailed blog post with tons of photos talk about the disater from check-in, boarding, mechanical issues which delayed the flight, unclean sheets, unclean bathrooms, in-flight equipment that look worse for wear and may or may not work and worst in class customer service for Business class.