What Is The Next Vacation You’d Like To Take?

Anything will do. I haven’t been on vacation since 2020 and the only long days I have been away from work has been my two hospitalizations and the time I got Covid. That’s not exactly the most relaxing of options and also not a voluntary decision to take time off from work but after the last 8 months at work I think I could use some time off.

What would I like to do? As I have stated before, I would just like to get a nice, cozy room in a hotel and sleep as much as I can. I want good room service and a few beers, some good food, strong wifi and a big screen tv. I would want no one to visit or disturb me other than the hotel staff delivering me stuff. I would probably not shut my phone off but I would definitely not answer most calls during this time.

Total relaxation, a stay in vacation or staycation if you will. But I do think that I need one and that I need one soon.

Prompt from 218 Creative Blog Post Ideas That Will Delight Your Audience at Coschedule.com