Arsenal 6 RC Lens 0

Arsenal reached the Champions League knockouts as group winners by thumping Lens at Emirates Stadium. The Gunners scored five in a phenomenal first-half display as they reach the last 16 in their first appearance in the competition for seven years. Kai Havertz, Gabriel Jesus, Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli and Martin Odegaard all scored in the first half, before Jorginho added a late penalty. Arsenal progress from Group B alongside PSV Eindhoven, with Lens out. “I didn’t even dream like this,” Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta said. “The team from the beginning showed a lot of aggression and determination to go for the game. “Everything happened in the right way in the first 30 minutes. That was really helpful to win the game.”

Havertz, brought into the starting XI after scoring the winner against Brentford at the weekend, opened the scoring on 13 minutes when Lens failed to clear a looping ball into the box. Jesus nodded across goal and Havertz showed a striker’s instinct to finish from close range ahead of goalkeeper Brice Samba. Jesus turned scorer to slot the second past Samba from 15 yards, sweeping home after being set up by Saka’s powerful run between defenders from the right. Arsenal’s attacking unit was in full flow, illustrated by Saka taking his turn to move from provider to scorer just two minutes and 20 seconds later, steering the ball home after Samba saved from Martinelli.

Brazil winger Martinelli would not be denied and scored the best of the lot on 27 minutes, finding the far bottom corner after cutting inside from the left. The fifth came in first-half stoppage time, Odegaard perfectly timing a volley from 12 yards following Takehiro Tomiyasu’s excellent cross. Arsenal are the first side in Champions League history to have five different scorers in the first half of a match. A more sedate second half followed, before Jorginho added a sixth from the spot following a handball by Abduqodir Khusanov.

Chicago Blackhawks Cut Ties With Corey Perry; Leads To Rumours

Chicago Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson said Tuesday the front office was told during a team trip last week about Corey Perry committing possible misconduct, which led to an internal investigation culminating with the organization cutting ties with the veteran winger. Davidson spoke with reporters for 10 minutes to address the team’s decision to move on from Perry after the Blackhawks announced earlier in the day that they placed the 38-year-old on unconditional waivers for the purposes of terminating his contract.

In their initial statement, the Blackhawks alleged Perry engaged in conduct they described as “unacceptable,” saying it was in violation of both the terms of his contract and the team’s internal policies that are “intended to promote professional and safe work environments.” They did not detail what allegedly happened. Upon being asked if the incident itself was criminal or could potentially become criminal, Davidson said: “It was a workplace matter.” Davidson said the NHL and the NHLPA were aware of what’s happening before noting it was “a team incident and so it was a team decision.”

Davidson said the team was first notified of the allegations last week when the Blackhawks were in Columbus, Ohio, on Wednesday to play the Blue Jackets. Sources told ESPN’s Emily Kaplan that Perry indeed traveled with the team to Columbus last Tuesday, a day before the game, and an incident occurred that day involving a team employee. Davidson said Perry, who did not play in the team’s 7-3 loss, was “immediately pulled” from the game once the Blackhawks were notified, and at that point, the club began an investigation.

Asked for how Perry responded to the team’s decision, Davidson declined to get into the details of his discussion with him. Davidson said he did speak with the team earlier in the day to inform it of the Blackhawks’ decision to place Perry on waivers. He also said the players have no knowledge or any details of the incident. Perry’s status with the Blackhawks had been in question. His most recent game came Nov. 19 in a 3-2 loss to the Buffalo Sabres that saw Perry finish with zero points — the last game the Blackhawks played before Davidson said they first learned about the allegations.

Perry had initially taken a leave of absence from the team, with Davidson telling reporters on Saturday the decision to send him away from the team was made by management. Perry’s agent, Pat Morris, said in a statement that same day that it was Perry’s decision to leave the Blackhawks. The questions around Perry’s absence eventually led to social media speculation over the past few days that the incident itself may have involved the family member of a Blackhawks player. Davidson addressed those rumors in his opening statement. He said the incident did not involve any players or their family members.


Deep in the jungles of Belize, less than a mile from the Guatemala border, Xunantunich is an ancient Mayan ruin that has sat abandoned for the past millennium. One of the few, well preserved time capsules that the ancient Mayans left behind, Xunantunich has lied abandoned since around 1000 AD since an earthquake caused the original civilization to crumble. But the complex was rediscovered by explorers in the 1890s. It is thought that a devastating event, such as an earthquake, caused a sudden evacuation of the large Mayan city around 700 AD. This disaster caused extensive damage to the main pyramid of Xunantunich (El Castillo).  Although the city was re-occupied some time after, it only remained active for another 300 years before it was abandoned completely. After abandonment, the site remained empty, eventually being hidden and consumed by the surrounding jungle until it was rediscovered by explorers in the early 1890s.

Since then, Xunantunich has served as an important archaeological site, under-the-radar tourist attraction, and hotbed of ghostly sightings. Before the abandonment of this large and populous city, Xunantunich was a thriving metropolis. The first construction at the site dates back to sometime in 200 AD, with growth continuing until its final days functioning as a city. The ancient city is said to be haunted by one female ghost: a black-haired lady with red, glowing eyes. She was first spotted by one of the earliest research teams in 1893 and has been seen near El Castillo (the tallest building in the complex) many times since then. No one knows exactly who the so-called “Stone Lady” is, but many speculate that she may have been a human sacrifice whose death ritual was performed on the top of the El Castillo pyramid.

The ghost story of Xunantunich came to life in 1893 after the first sighting was made. Early one morning a man who was part of research teams working on the site, saw what he described as a Mayan Maiden ascending the staircase of Xunantunich’s main pyramid. This vision caught him by surprise so he continued to watch as the woman walked further up the stairs. She wore a flowing white gown and had long, thick, dark hair which cascaded down her sleek back. Suddenly, she stopped and turned to look at the man with glowing red eyes that pierced through his soul. She then turned to continue her climb to the top of the pyramid where she disappeared in amongst its stone columns. The shocked man quickly assembled a team to search for this woman, yet no trace of her was ever found.

Since this sighting, countless more have claimed to also spot the ghostly maiden who haunts Xunantunich. She is always described in the same way and is always ascending El Castillo’s stair case. To this day, the sightings continue. Their frequency is what gives Xunantunich its name, translating to ‘The Stone Lady’ in Maya language. Some believe that this Maya Maiden may have formerly lived within the city many years ago. Others believe that she was a human sacrifice victim, trapped to re-live her last moments of ascending to the top of the pyramid where her death ritual would have been conducted. Then, there are a few who believe her to be some sort of ancient Godly spirit linked to the site and Mayan culture. Though many have speculated, no one truly knows the identity of The Stone Woman that haunts Xunantunich.

Marc-Andre Fleury & The Mask Debate With The NHL

Veteran goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury took a stand against NHL regulations by wearing a custom-designed mask for the Minnesota Wild’s Native American Heritage night on Friday. Despite being informed by the league that such a display was not allowed, Fleury hit the ice against the Colorado Avalanche proudly donning the specially crafted mask. Agent Allan Walsh confirmed earlier reports that the NHL had prohibited Fleury from wearing the mask, even during warmups. The league has a strict policy against players showcasing specialty jerseys, masks, stickers, decals, or tape for theme nights. This stance has drawn criticism in the past, notably during Pride nights when the NHL initially banned rainbow-colored tape, only to backtrack following backlash from the hockey community.

For Marc-Andre Fleury, the motivation behind his defiance was personal and poignant. Wanting to honor his wife, VĂ©ronique, an Indigenous woman, Fleury aimed to celebrate Native American Heritage Night in a meaningful way. The 38-year-old goaltender from Montreal, Quebec – a three-time Stanley Cup champion and the 2021 Vezina Trophy winner for the league’s top goaltender – made a powerful statement about recognizing and respecting diverse backgrounds within the hockey community. Marc-Andre Fleury’s actions have reignited discussions about the NHL’s uniform policy and the balance between honoring cultural heritage and adhering to league regulations. His decision to prioritize personal expression and support for his wife adds a compelling chapter to the ongoing conversation about inclusivity in the sport.

Despite the NHL’s strict regulations against players donning specialty items for theme nights, it appears that goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury and the Minnesota Wild may avoid fines for the custom-designed mask worn during Native American Heritage night. Fleury, seeking to honor his wife, Veronique, who is of Abenaki and Mi’kmaq descent, offered to pay any potential fine personally. In response, the NHL reportedly threatened the organization with an “additional significant fine.”

What To Do Before Boarding Your Dog At A Pet Hotel

What to do before boarding your dog at a Pet Hotel

If your pet is healthy and gets along well with other pets, then boarding them at a pet hotel or a kennel might be a good option. How much comfort, pampering and personal attention your pet is likely to receive depends on how much you’re willing to spend. Before you do  so, here are a few things you should do before you sign up with them:

  • Make sure your pet’s vaccinated. In addition to rabies, distemper and canine parvovirus vaccinations, your dog may also be required to receive a Bordetella vaccine prior to their kennel stay. Many pet boarding facilities require a health certificate from your veterinarian as proof that they’ve had all their shots and are in good health.

  • Rid them of fleas, ticks and other parasites. If your pet is on a regular prevention protocol, this may be included on their health certificate.

  • Prepare enough of their regular food to eat during their stay. Because switching foods quickly can cause both dogs and cats to experience upset tummies, many pet hotels and kennels require that you provide food from home.

  • Prepare their medication, along with instructions. If your pet takes regular medication, provide enough to get them through their stay. Also, write out detailed instructions for the boarder and share your vet’s contact information.

  • Let them bring something from home. While it might be tempting to let your pet bring their favourite toy, it’s better to bring something that they won’t miss if it gets destroyed or left behind. An old T-shirt or blanket that has your scent on it will help give them comfort and reassurance.

  • Take them to visit the facility before your trip. If possible, bring your pup or kitty to the facility a few days before your holiday starts, and let them become familiar with the space and the people who work there. This will help your pet feel more comfortable when you leave them there for an extended stay.

The Triple Tragedy Of The Misfits Of Science

Misfits of Science is an American science fiction comedy-drama television series that aired on NBC from October 4, 1985, to February 21, 1986. Although the show only lasted 1 season and 16 episodes, it’s only my childhood favourites and it should have been more successful. It starred Dean Paul Martin, Kevin Peter Hall, Mark Thomas Miller, a very young Courtney Cox, Jennifer Holmes (she was only in 7 episodes), Max Wright (just before he joined ALF) & Diane Civita. It’s about a group of super-powered humans, and later inspired the tv show Heroes, (same writer). It was a lot of fun.

Dr. Billy Hayes, the leader of the team (who has no superpowers). He is a young research scientist at the Humanidyne Institute who specializes in “human anomalies” and his boyish enthusiasm who often gets the team into as much trouble as he gets them out of. He like Jane Miller has no superpower but his thinking always finds a way out. Dr. Elvin “El” Lincoln, Billy’s colleague and close friend. He has the ability to shrink for minutes at a time from his height of 7 ft 4 in (224 cm) to 11 in (28 cm) via hormonal treatments which he activates by pressing a nerve on the back of his neck.  Johnny “Johnny B” Bukowski, a rock and roll musician who was electrically shocked on stage which resulted in disturbing electrical powers. He continually drains any electrically charged items in his surroundings, forcing him to live in isolation. He wears sunglasses because his eyes glow when he is fully charged. He can throw lightning bolts forcefully and run at superhuman speed, but is vulnerable to water.

Gloria Dinallo, a troubled telekinetic teenager with a history of juvenile delinquency and a mother in a mental institution who claims Gloria’s father is from outer space. She has a crush on Johnny. Gloria can only use her telekinesis on things that she can see: using a blindfold on her renders her powerless.  Jane Miller, Gloria’s probation officer. Although attracted to Billy, she is often put off by his eccentric behavior. Her character appears only in the earlier episodes, disappearing after the first 7 episodes. Dick Stetmeyer, the uptight director of the Humanidyne Institute & Miss Nance, the scientists’ secretary, who is more interested in working on her nails and coffee breaks, round out the characters.

Dean Paul Martin died in 1987 in a snowstorm up in the mountains. Kevin Peter Hall, who would later portray The Predator in two films and Harry in Harry & The Hendersons, would later died due to AIDS related pneumonia in 1991. In 1991, Mark Thomas iIller was in a disfiguring accident that stalled his career, so he became a building contractor specializing in home remodeling for the handicapped, which he did until 2003. Mark made a minor attempt at reviving his career by performing with the Groundling Improv Group, but soon found out that he had lost the patience required for the business of acting. In 2003, he started a product engineering and development company.

16 Fun Facts About Dominos’s Pizza

In 1960, brothers Tom and James Monaghan purchased an old pizza restaurant in Ypsilanti, Michigan called DomiNick’s. The restaurant became “Domino’s Pizza, Inc” in 1965, a title invented by delivery driver Jim Kennedy.

Just eight months after the grand opening, founding brother James Monaghan traded his half of the partnership for an old Volkswagen Beetle that the brothers originally used to deliver pizzas.

For the majority of their existence, Domino’s offered only two sizes of pizza, 11 toppings, and one soft drink, cola.

They also only offered pizza on a delivery or carry-out basis. They believed the simplicity of their menu resulted in higher-quality products and more efficient business.

In 1960, brothers Tom and James Monaghan purchased an old pizza restaurant in Ypsilanti, Michigan called DomiNick’s. The restaurant became “Domino’s Pizza, Inc” in 1965, a title invented by delivery driver Jim Kennedy.

Just eight months after the grand opening, founding brother James Monaghan traded his half of the partnership for an old Volkswagen Beetle that the brothers originally used to deliver pizzas.

For the majority of their existence, Domino’s offered only two sizes of pizza, 11 toppings, and one soft drink, cola.

They also only offered pizza on a delivery or carry-out basis. They believed the simplicity of their menu resulted in higher-quality products and more efficient business.

The original Domino’s building was too small for sit-down dining. Instead, Tom Monaghan hired local laid-off factory workers to deliver pizzas around town.

According to a 2013 Food Beast article, Domino’s introduced their first vegan pizza in Israel. Instead of dairy cheese, the pizza comes topped with soy cheese and veggies.

In 2018, Domino’s repair trucks began filling potholes across the US. Although the chain said they just wanted to keep pizza deliveries running smoothly, many perceived the stunt as oddly dystopian.

In 2018, Domino’s offered a lifetime of free pizza to Russian fans who got a tattoo of the chain’s logo. Unfortunately, they had to end the competition after too many people rushed to get tatted. Instead, they offered free pizza to the first 350 people to share their ink online.

Amid a slew of criticisms including claims that their crust tasted like cardboard, Domino’s completely did away with their old pizza recipe. After a long period of decline, 2009 and beyond saw the chain experience a successful pizza renaissance with a brand new taste.

As of April 2018, Domino’s is the fifth most popular pizza chain in the United States. It falls just after Pizza Ranch, Papa Murphy’s, Marco’s Pizza, and Papa John’s.

As of the end of 2017, India had the second most Domino’s locations in the world. The country is currently home to 1,126 restaurants and counting.

In the US alone, Domino’s delivers over one million pizzas every day. Domino’s delivery drivers cover 10 million miles each week—the same distance it would take to make 14 trips to the moon and back.

Brentford 0 Arsenal 1

Substitute Kai Havertz’s late header took Arsenal to the top of the Premier League with a dramatic win at Brentford. In Mikel Arteta’s 200th game in charge of the Gunners, Havertz’s 89th-minute goal rescued a largely forgettable display in west London. After Manchester City and Liverpool drew earlier on Saturday, this win moves the Gunners one point clear at the summit. Arsenal’s Leandro Trossard had a goal ruled out in the first half by the video assistant referee (VAR) but defeat was harsh on Brentford who were only denied goals of their own by exceptional clearances off the line from Declan Rice and Oleksandr Zinchenko.

Arteta has won more matches in his first 200 in charge than any of the other nine Arsenal managers to reach that milestone – and his bold team selection here showed he was determined to take three points. However, the return of Martin Odegaard and Gabriel Jesus from injury did not really bear fruit in a mostly ponderous display. They upped the tempo in the second half but waves of attacks were repelled by Thomas Frank’s well-drilled defence. That was the case until a moment of magic from Bukayo Saka finally unlocked the door and Havertz produced his most significant contribution in an Arsenal shirt to head home at the back post. Brentford stay 11th in the table after their second successive defeat.

It has been an inauspicious start to life in north London for £65m signing Havertz, with just one goal and one assist before Saturday since his arrival from Chelsea. While Arteta has continued to back him publicly, he was left out to accommodate the return of Odegaard and had to watch as his team-mates failed to fire for much of the game. Summoned from the bench with 12 minutes to go, he had the defining say when he squeezed his header over the line from a tight angle. It could be a huge moment in the context of his Arsenal career. Before Havertz’s arrival, the only real sub-plot was whether Aaron Ramsdale could make the most of his first Premier League start since September, given on-loan keeper David Raya was ineligible against his parent club.

Some Interesting & Fun Facts About Saturn

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second-largest planet in our solar system. Like fellow gas giant Jupiter, Saturn is a massive ball made mostly of hydrogen and helium. Saturn is not the only planet to have rings, but none are as spectacular or as complex as Saturn’s. Saturn also has dozens of moons. From the jets of water that spray from Saturn’s moon Enceladus to the methane lakes on smoggy Titan, the Saturn system is a rich source of scientific discovery and still holds many mysteries. The farthest planet from Earth discovered by the unaided human eye, Saturn has been known since ancient times.

The planet is named for the Roman god of agriculture and wealth, who was also the father of Jupiter. Saturn’s environment is not conducive to life as we know it. The temperatures, pressures, and materials that characterize this planet are most likely too extreme and volatile for organisms to adapt to. While planet Saturn is an unlikely place for living things to take hold, the same is not true of some of its many moons. Satellites like Enceladus and Titan, home to internal oceans, could possibly support life. With a radius of 36,183.7 miles (58,232 kilometers), Saturn is 9 times wider than Earth. If Earth were the size of a nickel, Saturn would be about as big as a volleyball.

From an average distance of 886 million miles (1.4 billion kilometers), Saturn is 9.5 astronomical units away from the Sun. One astronomical unit (abbreviated as AU), is the distance from the Sun to Earth. From this distance, it takes sunlight 80 minutes to travel from the Sun to Saturn.Saturn has the second-shortest day in the solar system. One day on Saturn takes only 10.7 hours (the time it takes for Saturn to rotate or spin around once), and Saturn makes a complete orbit around the Sun (a year in Saturnian time) in about 29.4 Earth years (10,756 Earth days).

Saturn is home to a vast array of intriguing and unique worlds. From the haze-shrouded surface of Titan to crater-riddled Phoebe, each of Saturn’s moons tells another piece of the story surrounding the Saturn system. As of June 8, 2023, Saturn has 146 moons in its orbit, with others continually awaiting confirmation of their discovery and official naming by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Saturn’s rings are thought to be pieces of comets, asteroids, or shattered moons that broke up before they reached the planet, torn apart by Saturn’s powerful gravity.

They are made of billions of small chunks of ice and rock coated with other materials such as dust. The ring particles mostly range from tiny, dust-sized icy grains to chunks as big as a house. A few particles are as large as mountains. The rings would look mostly white if you looked at them from the cloud tops of Saturn, and interestingly, each ring orbits at a different speed around the planet.

Saturn took shape when the rest of the solar system formed about 4.5 billion years ago when gravity pulled swirling gas and dust in to become this gas giant. About 4 billion years ago, Saturn settled into its current position in the outer solar system, where it is the sixth planet from the Sun. Like Jupiter, Saturn is mostly made of hydrogen and helium, the same two main components that make up the Sun.

Black Friday sale For The IPhone 15 In India

The iPhone 15 is available with a Rs 8,000 discount offer, which is great because Apple launched it just 3 months back in India. As part of the Black Friday sale, the iNvent store is currently giving two offers on the latest iPhone, which effectively brings down the price of the iPhone 15 to Rs 71,900. Here are the details about the iPhone 15 deal and whether you should consider buying it or not. Before we get into the deal, it is important to note that iNvent is Apple’s authorised seller.

On iNvent store’s website, the iPhone 15 is currently listed with a starting price tag of Rs 76,900, which is down from its original price of Rs 79,900. This means that customers are getting a flat discount of Rs 3,000 on the site. There is also an additional Rs 5,000 cashback offer on HDFC bank cards, which will effectively bring down the price to Rs 71,900. So, the total discount here is Rs 8,000 on the device. But, do keep in mind that this iPhone 15 discount offer is visible only on the black colour model.

The iPhone 15 is a great phone that you can buy right now if you can afford to spend around Rs 72,000 in India. It comes with a new 48-megapixel camera system with support for 4K Cinematic mode, a faster chipset, a new punch-hole display design, and a USB-C port.

5 Weird Laws In The US State Of Wisconsin

Did you know that Wisconsin banned the sale and use of margarine from 1895 to 1967? Moreover, despite a 2011 effort to remove them, some notorious margarine-related restrictions remain in Wisconsin It is illegal for a restaurant to serve margarine as a butter substitute unless specifically requested. The law also  prohibits servers from providing margarine to schoolchildren, prisoners, and hospital patients unless a doctor has ordered otherwise.

Under Wisconsin Statutes Section 146.085, the “owner or manager of any public building” may not allow “an admission fee to be charged for the use of any toilet compartment.”

The state has expressly forbidden any Wisconsin business to operation on Eastern, Mountain, or Pacific Time and violators may incur a fine between $25 and $500 (as well as 10 to 30 days in prison).

You cannot throw a snow ball fight! No person shall throw or shoot any object, arrow, stone, snowball or other missile or projectile, by hand or by any other means, at any other person or at, in or into any building, street, sidewalk, alley, highway, park, playground or other public place within the city.

Sheboygan City Code states that “no persons shall, with purpose or intent, sprinkle their property in any manner to the distress or annoyance of others.” Go ahead and water your lawn, but make sure your sprinkler doesn’t cause your neighbor “distress or annoyance.”

The Best Things To Buy On Black Friday Sales & The Worst Things To Buy On Black Friday Sales

The Best Things To Buy On Black Friday Sales & The Worst Things To Buy On Black Friday Sales

If you’re in need of a new laptop, desktop, gaming PC or tablet, Black Friday is the time to upgrade. Apple products will be on sale at retailers like Best Buy. Apple will offer gift cards with purchase (no discounts). Plus, Dell, Lenovo and HP will all be dropping online doorbusters the entire weekend. These electronics sale events can be tough to navigate, so check out tech retailers’ Black Friday ads in advance to see what’s dropping and when.

Often, the lowest doorbuster prices will be on machines with weak specs. However, because the price is already lower than usual, you can use that “extra” money to upgrade your storage and processing power. Need a new tablet? Tablets are among the best Black Friday buys. Check out Best Buy and Target — iPad deals on Black Friday are practically inevitable at both. And check out Amazon’s deals on its own products (Fire tablets and Kindles).

It might be hard to believe there’s a bad buy to be had on Black Friday. And it’s true that almost everything is on sale. However, there are a few products that it’s smart to skip or buy at another time of year. You’ll find clothing deals aplenty on Black Friday. But these deals are often offered on specific items, rather than across the board (although, last year, we did see some pretty healthy sitewide promo codes).

Regardless of the strength of the discounts, there’s no rush to buy clothing on Black Friday. You’ll find some furniture deals in major retailers’ Black Friday ads — and furniture stores will offer their own sales. But, unless you absolutely need to replace that sectional, bed or dining room table, there’s no reason you absolutely must shop for furniture on Black Friday and divert your attention from smarter buys.

Top 3 Countries That Have Produced The Most Serial Killers

3. South Africa with 117 serial killers are in third position globally. Moses Sithole has the reputation of being one of the most brutal serial killers of South Africa. He committed 38 murders and 40 rapes.

2. England sit at number 2 with 166 serial killers. In England, the worst serial killer in history is a woman serial killer, Angel Maker. She killed nearly 400 babies in the 19th century under the impression of running foster care for children born to unwed mothers.

1. The USA has a staggering figure of 3,204 serial killers. That is approximately 19 times more serial killers than the next country on list England. In the US, serial killers are mostly White (73%), with a large minority of Black(22%), and some Hispanic(3%), with an average age of 33.44 years. The most common method used by serial killers in the US is shooting, strangulation, poisoning, and stabbing. Some of the notable serial killers in the US are John Wayne Gacy is known to have murdered a minimum of 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978, 26 of whom he buried in the crawl space of his Chicago home. Samuel Little – the FBI later confirmed a total of 60 murders linked to Little.

Ted Bundy as an American serial killer known for his charisma and good looks. He officially confessed to 30 homicides, but had confessed to killing 35–36 women in the past, and some estimates run upwards of 100 or more. Gary Ridgway was a truck painter who confessed to killing 71 women. He was also known as The “Green River Killer”. He almost exclusively targeted sex workers from Seattle and was convicted of killing 49. Juan Corona was convicted of murdering ranch laborers and burying them in orchards. He was sentenced to 25 terms life imprisonment convicted of killing 25.

Some Fun Facts About The Beautiful Puffin

Here are some interesting facts about this beautiful bird, it’s everything you really need to know about puffins.

There are four species of puffins. The one breeding in Iceland is the Atlantic puffin, the other species are the Horned puffin, Tufted puffin and Rhinoceros Auklet. Sixty percent of the world’s puffins breed in Iceland.

A puffin’s beak (or bill) changes colour during the year. They only possess Technicolor beaks – and their matching orange feet – during the spring breeding season. Just before winter sets in, they shed the colourful outer beak, leaving a noticeably smaller and duller-coloured beak.

Puffins spend most of their lives out at sea, resting on the waves when not swimming. They are well suited to life on the sea and mostly eat fish. They only return to land to breed. Puffins are carnivores and live off small fish such as herring, hake and sand eels.

Puffins mate for life. They seem to have very conservative family values and usually pair up with the same partner as previous years – some have been together 20 years! They raise their single chick (or puffling) over the course of summer and return every year to the same burrow with the same mate.

Puffins don’t make nests, they dig holes. In spring and summer, thousands of puffins gather in colonies on the coasts and islands of the North Atlantic Ocean to breed. They dig their holes (or burrows) using their beaks and feet. They prefer to make their burrows in earth or between rocks on steep cliffs so predators cannot easily reach them. The burrows are up to one meter deep.

The female puffin only lays one egg each spring. Like with some penguins, both parents take turns incubating the egg and caring for the puffling. The puffling spends most of its day inside the burrow, mostly feeds on fish and grows rapidly. After 36-45 days it is fully fledged and makes its way to the sea and does not return to land for several years.

Puffins live a long life. In the wild, these winged wonders live for around 20 years. Their main predator is the great black-backed gull, which can capture a puffin mid-flight or swoop in on a puffin on the ground. Herring gulls are also a threat because they steal puffins’ fish (sometimes right from their mouths), and they pull pufflings or eggs from their burrows.

Puffins are smaller than you think. They only measure about 30 cm from the tip of their beak to the end of their tail and stand at about 20 cm.

The puffin is a poor flier. The puffin struggles to get in the air, beating its wings 300-400 times a minute just to stay in flight! They also have trouble landing, often crashing into the water or rolling onto the grass, tumbling into any other puffins that may be in their way.

The puffin is an excellent swimmer. They use their wings to ‘fly’ underwater while using their feet to control direction. Puffins are incredible divers and can reach depths of 60 meters on their journeys to look for food.

Puffins may chatter up a storm at their breeding colonies, but they remain perfectly silent while at sea.

Puffins cannot fly unless they have a view of the ocean.

All Three The Big Bang Theory Thanksgiving Episodes

The Pirate Solution (Season 3, Episode 4)

When Raj loses his research funding, he’s at risk of deportation. His attempts to get a new job are thwarted by his inability to talk to women, so Sheldon offers Raj the chance to work for him (not WITH him, as the two will continue to argue about.) Meanwhile, with no Raj around, Howard ends up being a third wheel for Leonard and Penny. Fans enjoyed this episode more, especially as it gave us time with Raj and Sheldon – two characters who don’t normally get much screen time together. Howard’s increasingly annoying intrusions on Penny and Leonard’s love life are also good for a few chuckles. However, it stays in the middle of the pack because it’s ultimately an episode where not much really happens.

The Thanksgiving Decoupling (Season 7, Episode 9)

When Mrs. Wolowitz is stuck in bed with gout, Howard manages to convince all of his friends to have dinner together at his mom’s house. The most notable revelation in this episode comes when Penny fondly remembers a Thanksgiving in Vegas, where she ‘pretended’ to marry her ex, Zack. Of course, everyone else realizes that Penny is legally married, and now she needs to figure out a way to get an annulment. For once, Raj gets to be the calm, competent eye of the storm, as he creates a full Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of the chaos (his best line of the episode: ‘My, my. The plot, like my gravy, thickens.’) Meanwhile, Sheldon bonds with another man over football, and the stories about his childhood get good laughs while also being poignant and revealing.

The Platonic Permutation (Season 9 Episode 9)

Sheldon and Amy are broken up, but when he can’t find anyone to accompany him to a dinner at the aquarium she decides they can handle going as friends. Meanwhile, Leonard is frustrated that Penny doesn’t know when his birthday is. Emily, Raj, and Bernadette drag Howard to volunteer at a soup kitchen, which he tries to lie his way out of. Leonard’s attempts to prove that he knows everything about Penny only prove that he has been reading her journal Meanwhile, Howard gets to meet his hero Elon Musk at the soup kitchen, prompting a discussion on space travel. When Amy announces that she’s ready to get back together, Sheldon responds, ‘Amy, I excel at many things, but getting over you wasn’t one of them.’ This rare admission from Sheldon showed real growth for the character and saved this episode from being totally forgettable.